Ways to Recharge Your Batteries and Spirit

Even though you might start your day with a positive mindset, by the end of it you can feel drained and stressed. Not knowing how to manage your energy is the most common reason for this. Drinking too much coffee, not eating balanced meals or being negative and aggressive are some energy traps that people tend to fall into. Identifying them and working towards training your body and mind to use the energy in a more efficient way will help you hold onto your energy until the end of the day. Here are a few things you can do to recharge your batteries when you most need it.

Take a bath

And not any type of bath! Treat yourself to a hot bath with Epsom salt in it, as it contains certain chemicals that are believed to help with stress by removing toxins, improving muscle functions and reducing inflammation. You should also use an exfoliating scrub made out of natural ingredients, rub it onto your skin and improve your blood circulation that way. Don’t forget to also light up a few candles and take some deep breaths!


You probably keep hearing from everywhere about the benefits of meditating and how you should start doing it right now. Well, you should! Half an hour of meditation and of focused breathing is all your brain needs to take a break from its own thoughts. Help yourself with the use of visualisation and sound healing too! Imagine the energy going through every part of your body as you breathe in and out and experiment with different types of meditation to find what works best for you.

Find someone to guide you

A spiritual teacher, for example, could help you discover what your mental, energetic, and emotional blockages are and work with you to find your energy balance. Meanwhile, a psychic could perform tarot readings to give you a more accurate insight into your life and perhaps inspire you to make choices where needed to create a more solid foundation for the next chapter in your life. Just as with meditation, there is a whole range of different types of tarot reading. Arguably the most popular is the Major Arcana, which links directly to the person that the reading is for and could give you the ideal insight into how you can calmly find a path towards your future and away from stressful situations.

Get creative

Finding time for your hobbies and the things you enjoy doing will definitely recharge your spirit! If you have a talent in a certain area – maybe you like playing the guitar, or painting, or gardening – make more time for that. Stop finding excuses and telling yourself you have better things to do. You don’t! Taking care of yourself and allowing yourself to be creative and use the gifts you’ve been endowed with should become your priority.

Take a break from technology

Phones, tablets, and laptops (and everything that comes with them, especially social media) are draining your energy without you even realising it. You are so used to looking at your phone whenever you feel ‘bored’ that you don’t see the damage it does. Constantly seeing other people’s ‘perfect’ lives make you feel like you need to live up to those expectations, even though everyone knows it’s not real – nor realistic. Moreover, phones also send out various signals and radiation that has an impact on your energy. Ditch technology from time to time and grab a book or go for a walk in nature instead!

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