Watch – Police officer leaves the force to become a stripper & makes more cash

A police officer has left the force after twelve years on the front line for a better paid job – as a lap dancer. Mum-of-three Hannah Havers, 35, joined the police in 2003 but the long hours and stressful shifts were leaving her exhausted and affecting her marriage.

She found she had little time and energy to spend with husband Michael, also a PC, and her children Christian, 11, Harley, four and Madison, two. The pretty Thames Valley PC of Didcot in Oxfordshire quit her £29,000 a year job and decided to take up lap dancing three nights a week.

She says: ‘I just didn’t feel it was right for me to be going out to see a victim of an assault and not want to be there.
‘I thought ‘I’ve had enough of this’ and we made a decision together.’

Mrs Havers works two or three nights a week at Honey Pot, doing 5pm to 2am shifts.

She admits it was the ‘best decision I could have made’.

‘Now I’ve got lots of time and just room in my life to enjoy my family.

‘I get time with my baby and I can be there for my children.

‘I can see my mum and I can spent time with my eldest who I have with my ex.

‘It’s almost like I’m a housewife and a full-time mum, but I work a few nights a week too.

‘I do enjoy my work too. I’ve always been a people person. I love having conversations with people in the club and having a laugh.’

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