Watch – Britain’s oldest triplets celebrate their 80th birthday

Three sisters have celebrated their 80th birthday – and are Britain’s oldest surviving TRIPLETS. Mary Bloxham, Margaret Coleman and Georgina Leech, 80, were born on May 20 1937 and grew up together in the Hall Green area of Birmingham.

Their mother, Mabel Bloxham, only expected one child and the chances of triplets surviving in the 1930s was very slim. But the three sisters, born to the family name, Bloxham, celebrated their 80th birthday together with their family.

Mary said: “Most people say how much alike we are but there’s one or two that say we’re nothing alike, but we are.

“People can tell us apart more easily today because we haven’t lived together for a while. But when we were younger and when we dressed the same it was a lot more difficult.

“One time, Margaret and I went down to the shops and an elderly lady came up and started talking to me.

“She told me she knew me from Binley Woods but I said I don’t live there that’s where my sister Georgina lives.

“Then Margaret walked out the shop and the lady said ‘oh now i can see how much alike you are’, so I said no, that’s my other sister.

“A lot of people say we are alike.

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