Video – Woman suffers rare condition which sees her joints dislocate 60 times a day

These shocking videos show a 22-year-old woman ‘clicking’ herself back into place due to a rare condition which sees her joints dislocate ‘60 times a day’.

22-year-old Danielle Shield was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – an inherited condition which leaves her joints ‘loose’ and susceptible to ‘stick out at odd angles’ – in 2014 at 19 years old. Two years on, trainee nurse Danielle has 60 breaks or dislocations a day and has given up sport, is often reliant on a wheelchair and has to avoid extreme temperatures and wearing high heels.

Danielle regularly has to re-insert her joints back into place in public and admits people often ‘stare’ at her, so she is releasing videos clicking her thumb, knee and shoulder into place to remove stigma. Now, Danielle and fiancé Chris Harris, 22, are so accustomed to the condition that popping her joints back into place is ‘second nature’ and she admits her bones will dislocate on her wedding day.

Danielle, who lives with her fiancé Chris Harris, 22, in Ketrin, Northamptonshire, says: “I’m sharing these videos to reveal the reality of living with a condition like mine.

“My day is punctuated with dislocations, even playing on a games console or using cutlery can push my fingers out of joint.

“I’m used to seeing my body at strange angles and Chris has learned not to get freaked out when he sees it, now I just calmly push myself back together, as these videos show.”

Watch video here and pics below 



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