Vanquish Your Love Handles

By Tom Parker @ccfmedia

We all have those little pockets of fat that frustrate us when they just won’t budge. You’ve tried every diet, toning exercise and fat burning fad going in order to rid yourself of these areas of fat but with no success. So what is there out there that can banish those problem areas without the need for major surgical intervention? This could be the answer

What is it?

VANQUISH is a cutting edge non-surgical non-invasive cosmetic treatment that allows patients to resize, reshape and reposition stubborn fat cells and is the next step in fat reduction cosmetic treatments. The treatment uses radiofrequency technology to heat up the fat cells to a temperature that allows the surgeon, doctor of cosmetic professional to shrink reshape and contour the fat cells in order to create a leaner, more flattering silhouette.

 The rewards

There are many positives to the Radio Frequency Treatment to consider when thinking about undergoing this procedure. Due to its non-contact and non-invasive nature, it’s a low-risk treatment. Secondly, patients can expect a visible improvement in the appearance of their problem area – which will improve more so with more sittings of the treatment. It is advices that patients sit 3-5 thirty minute sittings of the treatment in order to achieve the full potential of the treatment. Thirdly, to its short procedure time (and no recovery time) it means you can easily fit treatments into your busy schedule and allow you to return to your routine right away. Finally, if you’re feeling unhappy with your figure, it can leave you able to wear what you wish and achieve your goals without feeling self-conscious.

Like any cosmetic treatment, VANQUISH Radio Frequency Treatment comes with possible side effects that should be carefully considered and weighed up before deciding to undergo treatment. Some potential risks include redness and a change in skin sensation at the sight of application, but these risks are minor and disappear within a couple of hours after the treatment at the very most.

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