UK’s first all-female facial surgery clinic launches in London

By Laura Casewell 

The country’s first female-led facial surgery clinic has launched in London, seeing five of London’s most well-respected female surgeons working together.

The Face Surgeons is run by a highly skilled team of five surgeons each expert in their field. Miss Sarah Osborne performs eyelid surgery (ophthalmology), maxillofacial surgery is provided by Miss Caroline Mills, Miss Katherine George and Miss Helen Witherow and Ear Nose and throat surgery by Miss Sarah Little. All undertake facial cosmetic surgery associated with their respected specialities.

In 2014, Miss Caroline Mills identified a need for patients requiring or requesting facial surgery to be able to access an environment where all three specialists could work together. She identified four other colleagues in London who are also NHS consultants at large teaching hospitals. This group has an ethos of collaboration in surgery resulting in great clinical care and the best possible surgical outcomes.

Whatever the nature of the facial treatment patients are seeking, a member of TFS team will have the expertise to ensure the best possible surgical results.

“For anybody contemplating facial surgery, this is often a daunting prospect. Some people are told they have to have surgery; other choose to have surgery for aesthetic reasons. Either way, who you choose as your surgeon is of paramount importance,” explains Miss Caroline Mills.

“The mission of our clinic is to provide anyone who requests surgery to have the best possible advise from a true UK specialist in their field of care. We are a multi-skilled team and the first all-female led clinic in the country which is very special,” says Miss Sarah Little.

Whether patients are seeking anti-ageing surgery in the form of a facelift or eye-bag removal, facial feminisation surgery to help the transgender community, ear, nose and throat surgery, maxillofacial or ophthalmic surgery, this elite multidisciplinary team tailors treatment plans to the individual.

Helping patients with cosmetic concerns, as well as deformities – from birth or due to trauma or cancer – improvement in a facial appearance can have a profound effect on a person’s life.

The Face Surgeons are able to improve facial aesthetics and patient confidence by offering an all-encompassing facial surgery service.

Providing patients with a world-class surgery for treatment of all aspects of facial problems including those caused by trauma, disease, congenital issues and the ageing process.

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