By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @TLE_lifestyle

Today, Monday 19th January, is the most depressing day of the year. It’s official. I didn’t get a seat on the tube this morning until 9 stops in, which is unheard of, so I can definitely feel the first wave of ‘it’s going to be a bad day’ permeating my brain. It’s also really bloody cold. This theory goes back to 2005 when a UK based psychologist, Cliff Arnall, calculated that a combination of lack of sunshine (see: really bloody cold), holiday debt, and failed New Years’ resolutions (among others) meant that this day is the worst day for pretty much everyone. I love being reminded of those things, don’t you? I’d also like to add ‘still ages to payday’ onto the list of reasons to be depressed – not that we needed it.

Don’t worry: this article isn’t an attempt to make you feel even more terrible. In fact, I come today with happy news. Today, Fitness First gyms around the country are opening their doors to members and non-members alike with back-to-back gym floor classes for people to take part in. I am, independently of this article, a member of Fitness First and can vouch for the efficacy of those classes both in terms of getting my general fitness up and lifting my mood.

As if this wasn’t enough, for those of us living in London, FF have also teamed up with Victoria Pendleton (with whom it already offers a range of Indoor Cycling workouts) and Max Whitlock to further incentivise you to get to the gym. By using the hashtag #RedMondayFF and tweeting @FitnessFirstUK you might be lucky enough to get picked up by one of the Fitness First Cabs, in which Victoria and Max will be waiting to share with you their hot workout tips and to give you the motivation you need to turn Blue Monday Red!*

So why don’t you check out the FF website and check what’s going on in your local gym – there’s still time to get a lunchtime workout in – or a pre-dinner one – you’ll feel so much better. I can promise you that the smugness you’ll feel will be unparalleled – especially if you’re sharing a ride there with Victoria Pendleton or Max Whitlock. Imagine all the boasting you can do in the office tomorrow? Surely that, alone, is worth it?


*Note: Fitness First Cabs are transporting gym goers to three key FF gyms – Bishopsgate, The Strand and Tottenham Court Road.

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