Would you trust your partner to buy clothes for you?

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and the sticky issue going through the minds of every taken man in the country is; what should I buy the missus?

Flowers are safe, chocolates are safer and jewellery lands in the same minefield occupied by makeup and toiletries – not to be touched. But with clothes you feel like you might just have a shout.

Not according to the vast majority of British women.

A new survey has found a huge eight in ten females don’t think their other half could be trusted to purchase the perfect outfit – with questionable taste among the most common reasons why.

That’s in contract to 76 per cent of men who would have no qualms letting their significant other buy them something nice to wear.

A third of women dread Valentine’s Day because they fear they’ll have to pretend to like what their partner gets them – with half admitting they’ve received a gift they haven’t liked in the past.

Stuart Simms, CEO at Fits Me said: “It’s safe to say we all love receiving gifts we like, but on the other hand if it’s not quite right we feel a tad awkward – and perhaps even a bit burdened.

“Gift buying isn’t always easy – with some people easier to shop for than others and perhaps the research reflects that.

“Buying clothes for a partner can be especially tricky, not only with regard to choosing the right size, but as people tend to have quite fixed ideas of what they like.”

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