Trump supporters barricaded in Wetherspoons pub by police after being surrounded by protesters

Police in London have barricaded Donald Trump supporters into a Wetherspoons pub after they were surrounded by demonstrators chanting ‘Nazi scum off our streets’, according to reports.

The Lord Moon of the Mall near Trafalgar Square has been used as temporary refuge for a small group of pro-Trump supporters who clashed with the thousands of people out to demonstrate against the US president’s visit.

Police officers outside the pub told The Independent around 20 pro-Trump supporters are still being held inside and that the incident was the result of a “verbal disagreement”.

The protestors clashed as the US President met with the Prime Minister in Downing Street along with business leaders.

Thousands of people from around the country have descended on Trafalgar Square to demonstrate against Trump and his divisive policies on immigration, climate change and women’s rights.

A statue of Donald Trump tweeting on the toilet took centre stage during the protests.

The statue was made by Don Lessem, who said the #DumpTrump robot speaks and makes farting noises and cost him $25,000 of his own money.

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