Tories top survey as party conference love cheats

By Steve Taggart

It appears it isn’t just ex-Tory MP Brooks Newmark who has an eye for members of the opposite sex, they really shouldn’t have. The Tories have come top of a political list of love cheats in a new survey. This week the Conservatives host their annual party conference in Manchester (Sunday 28th September to Wednesday 1st October). The survey by’s 900,000 members found that 37% of Conservative supporters would have a secret tryst if the opportunity arose.

Lib Dem supporters came second with 28%, and UKIP came in third with 19%. The most faithful of spouses were Labour party supporters, with just 6% considering playing away.

The survey also revealed the politicians that members would most like to have a fling with. London Mayor Boris Johnson came top of the polls with a third of the female vote (33%) and Nick Clegg may be behind in the political polls, but he still proved popular with the ladies getting over 19% of the vote. Meanwhile, Luciana Berger proved the biggest hit for the male voters gaining 41% of the vote.

The survey which enabled members to suggest the politicians they would prefer to chat with. And thanks to the Scottish referendum coverage, more women opting to form a bedroom coalition with Alex Salmond rather than UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Mike Taylor spokesperson for alternative dating site said: “Affairs and politics seem to go hand in hand, from John Major, Bill Clinton to François Holland politicians from all political persuasion having fallen foul over the years. However candidates and activists should beware of conducting an affair at a party conference, as the chances of getting caught after having a few too many drinks, or being seen leaving the wrong hotel room in the morning when all of their colleagues will be staying at the same location, is very high.”

Christopher, a former political party employee said: “Party conference is always a hot-bed of bad behaviour, In previous years my party has issued internal memo’s reminding attendees to behave and refrain from bed hopping or conducting covert relationships, however the combination of being away from home mixed with late nights in the conference bars often leads to poor romantic decisions being made”.

The survey also revealed some disappointing polling news for Ed Miliband despite his 80 minute note-free speech at the Labour conference he was placed lower on the list of politicians they would like to have a fling than David Cameron.

Full Results:

Political Party Supported/Percentage

Conservative 37%

Labour 4%

Liberal Democrat 28%

Green 5%

UKIP 19%

Other 5%

Politician Would Most Like To Cheat With? Female Vote:


Boris Johnson 33%

Nick Clegg 19%

Zac Goldsmith 18%

Jeremy Hunt 11%

David Cameron 8%

Ed Miliband 6%

Alex Salmond 4%

Nigel Farage 3%

Other 2%

Politician Would Most Like To Cheat With? Male Vote:


Luciana Berger 41%

Caroline Flint 37%

Penny Mordaunt 11%

Charlotte Leslie 7%

Other 4%


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