Top 5 tips on how to meet your dream girl this summer


By Jason Lloyd

When it comes to finding ‘the one’, most guys leave it to fate. A single guy may spend his time working out in a gym trying to get that ‘dream six-pack’. After battling the nine-to-five throughout the week, he feels that he’s earned the right to go to the pub on a Saturday afternoon with the lads, consuming more units of alcohol in one sitting than the entire population of Ireland during St Paddy’s day celebrations. Before he knows it, he’ll slowly stagger into a hot, sweaty nightclub somewhere, hoping that a girl will magically notice him among the sea of other men.

If after all of that, our drunken beer-goggled brother-in-arms actually manages to ‘woo’ a very lucky lady, then he’ll lead her back to his cave for some room-spinning ‘boom boom’. And by ‘boom boom’, I’m referring to the noise of his head slamming against the wall as he desperately tries to untangle his jeans from the shoes that he forgot to take off first, and the noise of the front door slamming behind her as the girl decides that she isn’t staying the night.

Sure, there’s always the possibility of online dating. But again, you’ll be competing with every other Tom, Dick and Harry, and if your profile isn’t good enough, you’ll have no chance.

A recent study from found that fifty-two per cent of single daters rely on a chance meeting to find a mate.

Well, I teach my students a different approach. I don’t believe in leaving things to chance. If you want to progress in your career, or improve your health, you wouldn’t wait and hope for the best. You would change it. So why do people leave it to chance with their love lives? It makes no sense.

I run Real Attraction Academy, a website designed to give single men the confidence and knowledge to take control of their own dating lives. The best way to meet a girl is to approach her during the daytime, when she is out and about. There is a very simple structure that I teach, and with a little effort, it’s extremely easy to replicate.

Jason’s Top Tips

REMEMBER TO SMILE. It can be a very daunting task, going and speaking to a beautiful girl for the first time. The last thing that most guys think about is actually remembering to smile. Smiling will help the girl to relax more in your company, and the conversation will go a lot smoother.

MAINTAIN STRONG EYE CONTACT. I don’t mean staring at her like a psychopath. But when she offers you eye contact, don’t glance away straight away. Hold the eye contact for a second or two, and stay strong. Doing this shows her that you are confident enough to handle her.

GIVE HER A COMPLIMENT. This is underrated and extremely effective, especially in a daytime setting. Something as simple as ‘I think you very nice today, so I wanted to say hello.’ The great thing about this approach is that there is almost no chance of her reacting badly, because you are giving her a compliment, so you will have made her day anyway. She will also appreciate the forwardness of the approach.

TAKE HER FOR A COFFEE. The best way to get a girl’s number and make sure that she will text you back is to take her for a quick coffee somewhere nearby. If you can sit down in front of her, in a relaxed setting like a coffee shop, then suddenly the interaction changes, and you’ll no longer feel like you’re this random bloke she just met. It feels more like a date, and it will give you more time to get to know one another. When you text her afterwards, she will remember you as the charming young chap that took her for a coffee, instead of just some random dude.

BECOME A TEXT BUDDY: Don’t wait for three days before texting her. Strike while the iron’s hot, and while you are still fresh in her mind. Also, remember the purpose for texting her in the first place. You want to meet up with her again. Try not to send texts for the sake of conversation. Keep them short, concise and straight to the point.

Jason Lloyd is a leading dating and lifestyle coach, author of ‘Getting Laid’, and founder of Real Attraction Academy. Through his online boot camps, and YouTube channel, he teaches men all over the world how to meet and attract the girl of their dreams during the daytime, by helping them to increase self-confidence and take action. To find out more, visit

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