Top 25 excuses for giving up a diet

With January well and truly under way and New Year’s resolutions already starting to crumble, now is the time we really struggle to keep our diets up.

New research has revealed boredom, expense and will power are among the top reasons for giving up a diet, with chocolate, alcohol and fizzy drinks the hardest treats for women to give up or cut back on when watching their weight.

The study, commissioned by SodaStream, found a whopping 83 per cent only last an average of three weeks, making Thursday 22 January the day when New Year’s diets will start to go awry. The results also showed that ‘I’ve had a bad day’ is the most common reason for giving up on a diet, followed by ‘I always felt hungry’ and simply ‘I was bored’.

Eating out and not being able to resist the choice of food and drink on offer and not having any willpower also featured in the top five and others have quit a diet because they needed chocolate at a certain time of the month, didn’t want to turn down food or drink someone had made for them, couldn’t resist something or needed to be cheered up.

Fiona Hope, UK Managing Director of SodaStream, which commissioned the research, said: “For many people, a diet can be extremely hard to stick to.  There are so many temptations out there, whether it’s chocolate, fizzy drinks or a glass of wine, that avoiding these altogether for a particular amount of time can seem impossible. As a result, it seems that a large number of women are using any reason they can find to have a ‘cheat day’ or give up on the diet completely.

“But dieting doesn’t have to be hard work, by making small changes, instead of drastic variations to what you eat and drink, such as opting for reduced sugar alternatives and drinking more water, you’ll find it much easier to stick to the diet.  Instead of having to come up with a reason for quitting, you’ll hopefully make it to your end goal much more easily.’’

It also emerged the average woman will go on three diets a year, losing an average seven pounds each time. Whilst 15 per cent reckon they have plenty of will power and are good at dieting, 43 per cent admit they are ‘useless’ and find it impossible to stick to anything. Pizza, cheese, a fry-up, Chinese takeaways and fizzy drinks also leave women struggling with their willpower, and when the motivation to stick at a diet starts to slide, salad is the first healthy thing to be forgotten about, along with trying to eat more fruit and drinking more water.

Hope continues: “The research shows us that boredom is a key factor in people failing their diet, so the key is to ensure variation.  This is why we’re on a mission to get the UK drinking more water by making it exciting, simply by adding some bubbles.”

SodaStream turns ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds, meaning families can have fun drinking more water this January.

Top 25 excuses for giving up a diet:

  1. I’ve had a bad day
  2. I always felt hungry
  3. I was bored
  4. I was eating out and couldn’t resist
  5. I haven’t got any will power
  6. It’s that time of the month, so I need chocolate
  7. It’s rude to turn it down when someone has made it for me
  8. I couldn’t resist
  9. I needed cheering up
  10. I find it too difficult to keep going
  11. I enjoy eating unhealthy food or the odd treat
  12. It was my birthday
  13. I’m in a bad mood with my partner
  14. I’ve been good and I deserve it
  15. Life is too short
  16. It’s hard to eat healthy when it’s cold and wet outside
  17. I needed a sugar rush/energy
  18. I’m thinking about food all the time
  19. Healthy food is too expensive
  20. I don’t want to be a killjoy
  21. I was lonely
  22. I’ve got a hangover and I need lardy food
  23. It was my partner’s birthday
  24. It was my child’s birthday
  25. There wasn’t anything healthy in the cupboard

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