Top 10 Reasons To Go Organic

Our choices at the grocery store not only dictate our health, but they also dictate the health of our earth. It therefore becomes imperative for us to identify and emphasize on the best food products. No wonder, the goodness associated with organic foods is sweeping the world off its feet.

Reasons Why Organic Food Is Popular

  1. Avoiding Chemicals: We keep hearing about research and news related to cocktails of chemical poisons that are served at our plates, without our knowledge. Pesticides are known to cause infertility, nausea, neurological disorders, allergies, asthma, rashes, birth defects, wheezing, and more. Non-organic foods usually contain harmful pesticides and hormones and are best avoided.
  2. Eating Healthy: Organic food products are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. In other words, organic foods translate to a healthier body that can easily absorb healthy nutrients. Not only this, this form of healthy eating builds strong future generations. This is the philosophy that eminent organic farm retailers and distributors like Honest To Goodness online are exploring and admiring. On the other hand, non-organic foods are responsible for deteriorating public health among children and adults, including heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and antibiotic resistant infections.
  3. Keep Our Water Clean: Most companies that deals in pesticides tend to contaminate water supplies and soil. It is no news that a large amount of pesticides do not break down in water and therefore remain in the water system for years that can result in severe health conditions such as disrupted hormone function, low birth weight, birth defects, neurological and behavioral problems, and cancer.
  4. Environment Friendly: Organic foods are not characterized by the use of toxic pesticides, climate-destabilizing chemical fertilizers, and antibiotics. Moreover, they are not associated with untested and unlabeled genetically modified ingredients that are so common with non-organic food products. In addition to this, organic farms emit far less nitrous oxide and methane when compared to non-conventional farms.
  5. Family Farms And World Hunger: It has been revealed by study after study that small organic farms even in the developing world produce twice and even thrice as much food per acre as GMO and chemical farms. Moreover, organic farming is the best option to assist farmers across the world to earn and grow more to keep world hunger at bay.
  6. Maintenance Of Healthy Soil: Chemicals involved in the production of non-organic foods kill everything (the soil, living organisms required by plants to grow, nutrients, etc.) else with the exception of the crop. We don’t want it.
  7. Healthy Growing Techniques: Pesticides don’t differentiate between the good and the bad bugs. They simply kill all. Healthy growing techniques, thanks to organic farming, help us to maintain a specific level of biodiversity.
  8. Rich In Nutrients: Organic products get their nutrients from rich and healthy soil. On the other hand, non-organic products get their nutrients from harmful synthetic fertilizers.
  9. Huge Savings: Critics of organic farming are of the view that it is a costly form of farming. We are actually saving the world from pollution, pesticides, and harmful toxins and relishing clean water sources, clean air, and pleasant environment by opting for organic farming. If that was not all, organic farming saves millions of taxpayer dollars that is given to non-organic farms in subsidies.
  10. Intense Flavors: Organic fruits and vegetables have higher levels of flavor-improving nutrients. Not only this, they are enriched with lower concentrations of sugars and water. No artificial food preservatives or colors are added to them.

It is however important for you to make sure that you buy best organic foods from a reliable and eminent retailer, wholesaler, or distributor. Honest To Goodness online is one of the most respected names in the world of organic farm products and trusting it is the easiest things around. Make nice healthy choices!

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