Tips to Fit Fitness Around a Busy Schedule

We are constantly told to keep fit, maintain a healthy diet, and take care of our wellbeing, but isn’t that easier said than done when the world moves almost too fast for us to keep up? Between working, commuting, taking care of our homes and family, and attempting to have a social life, is there really any time to keep fit? The good news is that keeping fit doesn’t need to be as time consuming as you may think and can be relatively easy to fit around a busy schedule.

Fitness in a busy, modern world

We have perhaps never been busier than we are these days. Forget individual cities that never sleep, it now seems as though most of the country struggles to fit in enough time to relax between tasks. With so many other jobs to prioritize, it can be almost impossible to set time aside purely for exercise and fitness. Forget the gym, you may find you struggle to eat a full meal without interruption. Luckily for us, there are numerous ways that fitness can be incorporated into a busy schedule, including leaving the car at home and walking or cycling to work, getting off a bus or subway a stop early, shunning the elevator in favour of the stairs, and stretching between meetings or important emails. Outside of the working day, it is important to include the whole family or a group of friends into your new workout, as you will find it much easier to keep on track with a little encouragement from others. Try venturing out first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening as a great way to start or wind down your day; you’ll find that your new fitness regime perfectly bookends your daily schedule. Simple aerobic exercises, stretches, uncomplicated yoga moves, and even chores can help you to feel fit and fantastic, while snacking smartly and cutting short a training session, rather than going without, will make those busy days much healthier.

Busy Life in London

Avoiding injury during fitness and exercise

If you’re new to fitness or are attempting to step up your routine, it is essential that you think about personal safety and the potential for injury. Jumping straight into a new regime can often cause more damage than good if you’re not prepared. Always do a stretch and warm-up session before undertaking exercise, remain hydrated throughout, and complete each program with a cool down to prevent sore muscles, stiff joints, and a heart rate that refuses to slow. In addition to starting and finishing your fitness routine appropriately, you may also wish to start thinking about the type of clothing you’re going to wear, as your choice of outfit has the potential to complement or hinder your attempts at fitness. Think about clothes that will support your body; specially designed sportswear is absolutely ideal, regardless of whether you’re a novice or seasoned athlete. In terms of footwear, ensure that your sneakers fit properly and provide the support you need. Runners will require a special kind of footwear, which should be changed into if you’re dashing to or from work. You may think that compression wear, such as Tommie Copper compression clothing, is for those who care about how they look during exercise, but the company’s whole range is grounded in science; compression vests, leggings, socks, and sleeves are all designed to support your body when it’s at its most vulnerable, and will help to regulate your temperature as you exercise and, to a certain extent, will help to prevent injuries to your muscles and joints. Tommie Copper’s innovation also extends to their charitable work, the Tommie Cares foundation is dedicated to providing adventures for young people with special needs.


Life is busy, we get that, but a full schedule should never be an excuse not to take care of yourself. Exercise takes many forms, from team sports and athletics to simply taking the stairs once in a while; are you sure that you can’t aim to be a little more active during the day? Whatever you’re doing, it is important to dress appropriately and prepare for every bout of exercise. You’ll be working out without thinking about it in no time.

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