More than a third of young people believe that Brexit has impacted their mental health

Through a recent survey of 2,000 people at Shout Out UK surrounding their campaign around World Mental Health Day, they found out a shocking statistic – that 36% of young people believe Brexit has impacted their mental health.

They sent out this survey as mental health issues are on the rise, especially amongst young people, and it’s important for them to see the impact Brexit has had on people’s mental health, and not just on our economy.

Through their discussions with young people, they’ve been told that some of their increased anxiety is due to the lack of plan the Government seems to have when it comes to leaving the European Union. Throughout the referendum, remainers seemed to be scaremongering the public about the instability the UK would be in if we left the EU. Over a year later, it certainly seems as though the future is ambiguous for us here in Britain, which has negatively impacted over a third of young people surveyed that are suffering with mental health.

People with mental health issues sometimes have a difficult time dealing with change, and Brexit may be the biggest impact in Britain for years to come. One of the biggest concerns is the job market and if there will be a rise in redundancies due to the potential low trading with other countries.

Overall, on this World Mental Health Day, it’s important to remember the struggles people with mental health face. It may seem trivial to someone who doesn’t suffer with mental health, but particularly for those who have depression and anxiety, the lack of stability surrounding Brexit can have a massive impact on their lives and wellbeing because of all the negative reporting around negotiations and confusion about what will happen to us when we leave the EU.

The financial stability for young people is an important aspect to them, as it leads to life milestones that confirm this stability, such as buying a house, getting married, having children or getting a pension. With the country leaving the EU, it could be that 18-24 year olds find these, now expected, milestones as seemingly unattainable, even with full time work because many young people are on zero hour contracts, which could very well affect them getting on the property ladder or even being able to rent!

Recently, the Government pledged a £1.3 billion plan to improve mental health services, which will include more trained nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, peer support workers and other mental health professionals. According to health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, this plan aims to treat an extra 1 million people by 2021, provide mental health services seven days a week, 24 hours a day and also integrate mental and physical health services.

Whilst these plans to improve mental health services are great, the Government needs to remember that speaking to people with mental health isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution, it is imperative that the leaders of our country take charge and put everyone’s mind at ease by handling Brexit professionally, smartly and in the best interest of Britain.

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  1. A harding

    2000 people isnt a survey its a chat ! fuck all those liberal cunts moaning about Brexit its these same assholes that is bringing negative attitudes towards what would otherwise be straightforward talks on getting the best deals for the UK to make it the strong nation we know it could be, but as long as there is remoaner attitudes making up false stories about mental health we are all doomed.

    1. A softing

      On a scale from one to ten how likely are you to just f**k off?

      This lack of competence from government is devastating, especially to people who are just starting their lives. Develop some compassion and come back when you resemble an actual human.

  2. Verve Stentor

    That’s because the youth of today are continually brainwashed by the kindergarten level of journalism that suffocates western media and held in a perpetual state of anxiety by the constant fear porn and unintelligent drivel that passes for entertainment which tells them they’ll never be good enough, clever enough or pretty enough to amount to anything in this world.

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