The World Celebrates Michael Jackson’s 56th Birthday

By Charlotte Stringer, Style Editor at

With a new album, hologram performances and still more controversy than you can shake a stick at, the media hype around Michael Jackson lives on over five years after his death. However, as what would have been his 56th birthday approaches (29th August), we’ve taken the opportunity to look back at Michael’s top ten fashion trademarks. From his iconic penny loafers, to that red leather ‘Thriller’ jacket, and his now unforgettable white ‘Smooth Criminal’ trilby.

Michael Jackson King of Style Infographic

In honour of the King of Pop’s enduring legacy, director Spike Lee upholds his annual tradition of celebrating Michael’s birthday, his work, and his life with a free outdoor party in New York. ‘Brooklyn Loves MJ’ is now in its fifth year, with the first party taking place just months after Jackson’s sudden death in 2009.

Other parties celebrating Jackson’s life include Cirque du Soleil’s #MJWeAreOne campaign, with fans around the world sharing how they’ve been inspired by the King of Pop via Instagram, proving that his music and talent still have a global reach. Also coming up is the MJ Global Birthday Party #MJGBP2014 which sees fans celebrate over three days with videos, songs, and message boards all in 3D for this year’s theme.

With so much taking place over the coming days, Jackson’s mark on the world extends further than just the music he made, it’s reflected in all aspects of modern pop culture and, with the likes of Spike Lee and Co keeping his legacy alive, he’ll remain in people’s collective consciousness for decades to come.

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  1. Mark

    Ten good picks in terms of instantly recognizable iconic style for sure. Then there are all the trademark poses, dances, sounds, symbolism, song signatures, hairstyles, expressions…even pets. Jackson was utterly original, prodigiously creative, uniquely charismatic–otherworldly and unforgettable.

  2. Oh Hellz YES- the World Celebrates the greatest entertainer & philanthropist to have ever graced this Earth.. Social activist, spiritual leader.. and messager of PEACE and United Brotherhood of Man. . . Michael Jackson

  3. Pen

    Michael Jackson was an innovator – not just in music, but in the fashion world too. The hats, the jackets, the jewellery, the arm brace, the shin guards, the silk face masks, all made a statement and were an expression of his individuality. This was a man who was exceptional, charismatic and fascinating, albeit misunderstood. The eccentricities of Gaga pale in comparison and lack the same finesse. He was and always will be a legend and he will be celebrated as such for many birthdays to come. We still love and honor you, King of Pop!

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