The Election - Children's Book Review

The Election – Children’s Book Review

By Jasmine Stephens, Family Editor

The General Election is only a few weeks away and the questions from my three children are starting to come; Why is everyone going on about ‘Parties’? What is that poster in next door’s window? Who are those people arguing on the telly?!

I was just going to stick them in front of the TV debates and let them learn about politics the hard way, but that seems increasingly unlikely. And if they do happen, I expect to be asked, “Why are the men talking to an empty chair, mummy?” Which is a very awkward question; I literally have no answer for.

Politics isn’t an easy subject to approach with children and particularly not with the under 5s, so a new book by Eleanor Levensen is perfectly pitched to help you along the way. With colourful illustrations by Marek Jagucki, the book explains the democratic process in a simple and engaging way with a politically neutral storyline where the Spotty party are battling the Stripey party.

Reading the story to my children sparked an interesting discussion about how the country is run and they are now looking forward to visiting the polling station in May, although they were a little disappointed when *spoiler alert!* the Stripey party didn’t come through on the big day!

The subject matter is admittedly dry and this is probably not going to become a firm favourite at bedtime, but The Election certainly deserves a place in every school and public library. I’m left wondering how quickly Eleanor could turn around a sequel entitled ‘The Coalition”.

The Election is published by Fisherton Press.

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