The Best Ways to Declutter and Organise Before a Home Renovation

Be systematic

Start clearing out your cluttered spaces such as your pantries and bookshelves. If you are thinking about packing up a few rooms, it’s probably the best chance you are going to get to find out what’s been hiding at the back of your pantries. Get rid of any unused objects and pack away any frequently used object in to storage boxes and give them an obvious name so they’ll be easy to recognise. Thinks used less frequently can be thrown in to bigger boxes and given rough names. It might be a good idea to take photographs of the crate and name in its new area so that you can easily get to the box if you end up needing something inside it during the renovation.

Consider your needs

If you are internally remodelling your home and trying to change the way the spaces you have available work for you must think about why you want to change the layout. Are you hoping for a safer place for your kids to play? Or to provide yourself with a much needed home office so you can be productive at home? Give your design and build team as much information as you can about what you are hoping the space to be so that they can really make it work for you and your family.

Look at space objectively

Once you know what you want your brand new space to look like, you can organise your decluttering plan. Take some snaps of your room and look at them with someone whose opinion you trust. Talk about what you need to take out to achieve your desired look. This will help motivate you as you declutter, getting rid of everything that doesn’t contribute towards your end goal.

Storage that moves

Plastic secure storage boxes on wheels will come in very handy, as you’ll probably be moving things around to give your builders access around the house. If you’re planning a bedroom refurbishment, you’ll need to be selective about which clothes and toiletries you pack away and what you want to keep to hand for the duration of the improvements. A portable covered clothes rail and some lightweight drawers on wheels will store a capsule wardrobe and keep your clothes dust free.

Daily routines

A lot of home renovation projects unavoidably do sometimes contain some disruption, so make sure to put some spare time aside for changes to your daily routine. If you’re having your kitchen rebuilt by a design and build London team, it might be worth setting up a cook station somewhere else in the house. Or you could even think about staying round a friend’s house for a while. Pets might also need a place to go, so ask a friend if they will help out, or research reputable pet sitters in your area.

Gifts and objects

Even with all the good will in the world, our family can still get presents extremely wrong. According to eBay’s research, we open around 115 million unwanted presents a year, worth an astonishing £2.2 billion. There are loads of things you can do with these presents that will still mean they’re put to good use. The same applies to any undesirable books, DVDs, clothes, any anything else taking up space in your home and creating clutter.

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