The 25 Dishes Kids Should be Able to Cook by the Age of 11

Spaghetti Bolognese, scrambled eggs on toast and pancakes are all dishes kids should be able to cook by the age of 11, according to a survey of parents.

Pizza, pasta bake and burgers also feature among the top 25 dishes mums and dads think pre-teens should be able to make. Other dishes include egg and soldiers, macaroni cheese and Victoria sponge.

The study revealed that six in ten parents think being able to cook is an important life skill – however 37 per cent currently cook less than once a week with their children. Two thirds would like their little ones to cook more often and nine in ten respondents said cooking with their offspring makes families closer.

Despite this, the typical British family throws away £676 worth of food each year – around a fifth of their total average food bill. Three quarters of respondents said they are concerned about food wastage – with around a fifth pinpointing fussy children as one of the main causes of the excess.

However half of parents admit they throw away food because it is out of date and a quarter bin it because they have a tendency to buy too many groceries. A fifth of those polled also said they resort to chucking away uneaten food because didn’t know how to use up ingredients bought for a specific recipe.

Nick Bevan, Head of Product – Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics UK said: “We’re passionate about developing new ways to make family life that little bit easier.

“And encouraging today’s children to take an interest in food and cooking is a great way to ensure kids are engaged with what they eat, while hopefully lessening food wastage as well.

“Along with our free recipe guide of dishes that are perfect to cook with the kids, the Family Hub™ Refrigerator not only offers recipe suggestions but also keeps track of the food you actually have in the fridge, all aimed at making mealtimes fun and reducing the amount of food that goes to waste.”


1. Spaghetti Bolognese
2. Scrambled egg on toast
3. Omelette
4. Jacket potato with baked beans
5. Cheese on toast
6. Cottage pie
7. Sausage and mash
8. Pasta bake
9. Stir fry
10. Porridge
11. Dippy egg and soldiers
12. Stew/casserole
13. Pancakes
14. Pizza from scratch
15. Lasagne
16. Macaroni cheese
17. Fairy cakes
18. Roast chicken
19. Chilli con carne
20. Beef burgers
21. Meatballs
22. Victoria sponge
23. Chocolate Rice Krispie/Cornflake cakes
24. Apple crumble
25. Scones

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