Tastemakers, philanthropists And NYC socials gather for Drugfree.org private screening

Artists and philanthropists alike gathered at Old Homestead on the evening of October 25 for Caron Treatment Centers’ “Save a life Event.” Hosted by Jacquelyn Coombe, Pamela Hanson, and Aura Arslanian, the event featured Hanson’s project Drugfree.org, a short documentary. This event is one of Caron Treatment Centers’, a leader in the field of addiction and behavioural healthcare treatment, largest regular benefits, but is especially poignant in light of the current opioid epidemic, the deadliest drug crisis in American history.

The event was largely put on by those with a vested interest in recovery promotion and in spreading awareness about the disease of addiction. Jacquelyn Coombe, one of the hosts of the event, is an alumni of Caron Treatment Centers herself and has committed her talents and connections to aiding Caron and assisting in the promotion of recovery services in general. Bradley F. Sorte, another lead contributor to the event, currently serves as Executive Director of Caron Renaissance and Caron Ocean Drive, but has additionally worked as Primary Therapist and Family Therapist with Caron. Lastly, Pamela Hanson is committed to creating advocacy films that promote recovery on behalf of her son, who lost his battle with addiction at the young age of 22, a tragic reminder of the importance of events like the “Save a Life Event.”

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