Tackling Dry Hair in time for winter

By Charlotte Hope Lifestyle Editor

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Daylight saving ends next Sunday, did you know? That means it’ll be dark as you get ready for work, and dark when you’re going home from work. It also means that, if you’re me, your skin will start to flake in a reptilian way and your hair will dry and refuse to do absolutely anything you want it to do. Straighteners will snap bits off, brushing it will snap bits off and tying it up will snap bits off. Basically, my hair really loves snapping which could be down to the bleach I regularly put on it, but I prefer to place the blame on the Winter, which I’m predisposed to disliking anyway because I have a penchant for vitamin D.

With the imminence of cold weather and its impact on my hair weighing heavy on my mind I ventured East, to the ExCel centre, last Saturday, to forage for a solution at Salon International, an enormous hair styling convention with many reputable brands showcasing their products and hair treatments. I was treated to a KeraStraight Intense Boost mask which was applied to my hair post-washing, pre-drying. I have a lot of hair and it’s prone to getting tatty (I’m really painting a beautiful picture of myself here) so I was apprehensive and apologetic to the stylist who had to deal with getting through it. After the treatment was put on my hair, though, it was incredibly easy to brush. I was told it was putting moisture back into my hair and it certainly felt that way.

As the stylist was brushing the treatment through my hair – very thoroughly – several people came up to the stand to have a look at what was happening. One woman actually picked up a bit of my hair and smelled it; she nodded her approval. Another gentleman took a selfie of himself with me in the background. I pretended that all of the above was fine and normal, prompting my stylist to ask, ‘are you a celebrity?’ I laughed, but in retrospect I wish I’d made up an elaborate lie.

I left with the treatment in my now dried and straightened hair for maximum absorption, and was given some KeraStraight goodies to take home. What I liked most about the experience was that it doesn’t actually take very long – a good way to spruce up your hair for the Christmas party season without spending hours in the salon – and it has lasted. So far I’m a week away from the treatment and my hair is still easier to brush post wash, which makes styling it much quicker. I’m also incredibly impressed with the Ultimate Oil, which I add after drying and styling for extra shine and to tame any disobedient hairs. The use directions suggest putting it through damp hair, too, which I’m yet to try but am sure would keep your hair silky smooth when drying. With all this in mind I think, though my fingers and toes all still crossed, that I’ve found a way to tackle my Winter dry hair. If only they made it for skin..!

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