(Surgery-Free) Tips for Youthful-Looking Skin

The celebrity culture of 2017 can sometimes make it feel as though anti-aging surgical procedures are more or less the norm, while every anti-aging cream on the market claims to have the answer to turning back the clock on your skin. Although most of us would agree that although having a youthful, glowing appearance is preferable to the drawbacks associated with bags and wrinkles, it seems surgery and Botox are usually the last resort option in achieving this. If you’re not quite ready to head down the nip and tuck route, check out our surprising quick fixes that can help you appear fresher and brighter skinned.

Prime Example

So, what is the fuss about primer? In a bid to achieve younger, brighter skin, primer is an excellent ally to have. This magic potion – best used after moisturisation and before makeup application – prevents your foundation from falling into fine lines and wrinkles by creating a smooth base for the colour to sit on top of. There are a few different types out there depending on your needs, like silicone based primers and moisturising primers, so check out Vogue’s 2017’s primer hit list.

Seriously Shade-y

When it comes to lipsticks, many of us have a pretty good idea which shades work for our complexions, but as for our hair colour- chances are we’ve been working the same look for years. As our skin ages, our complexion gets duller and lighter, so adjusting our tresses accordingly can help combat the effects of aging. For those with a fair or light complexion, consider bringing some warmth to your overall demeanour by switching to red: the couleur du jour for autumn. Styled with burgundy lips and full-bodied brows, an auburn or chestnut brown shade can be particularly flattering on a cool complexion.

If you have darker skin tone and hair, take care of greys by opting for a deeper, richer shade than your natural hair colour. Look at Schwarzkopf’s guide to choosing the right shade if you’ve never done this before. If you can’t face the root regrowth upkeep, consider blending your greys with tonal highlights such as balayage.

Lashings of Care

Big lashes widen the eye and will give your face a youthful, fresh-faced look. So, start taking care of them now! If you’re not already a fully-paid up member of the Coconut Oil Fan Club, this is also a good idea. Both coconut and almond oils are an effective all-natural makeup remover that will help nourish and protect the lashes while reducing dragging on the delicate skin around the eye. Better still, it avoids contact from the drying chemicals found in artificial removers.

After makeup removal and moisturising, a simple (and sparing) application of petroleum jelly or Vitamin E oil on the lashes at bedtime will nourish your lash hairs as you sleep, enabling them to remain in place for longer by encouraging growth and reducing shedding.

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