Study Shows Brand Loyalty Is At An All-Time High

Brand loyalty is at an all-time high, according to a new study.

Some 70 per cent of Brits rarely deviate from their favourite brands of food and drink, and folk tend to stick to the same type of tea or coffee, watch the same TV programmes and eat from the same takeaway all the time.

When it comes to health and beauty, most Brits wear the same deodorant day in and day out, buy the same skin care products, slap on their preferred brand of make-up and go to the same hairdresser. Four in ten buy exactly the same brands of make up every time they stock up, while half of those polled always go to the same supermarket.

As for being influenced by others, partners are the ones most people will turn to – above mum, dad or best friends. Indeed, partners are most likely to have a say in who should be trusted and where is best to shop. He or she will also get a say in which brands are purchased, what music is listened to, what television is watched and even what car to buy.

Matt Walburn, Superdrug Customer & Marketing Director, which conducted the study of 2,000 adults to celebrate the fifth birthday of the Superdrug Health and BeautyCard said: “During the five years we’ve operated our loyalty scheme things have definitely changed on the British high street and in the average home.

“Seven out of ten of those questioned said they were more price conscious and aware of deals than they were five years ago. We’ve now got over eleven million members signed up for special member benefits such as free online delivery, and yes that even includes the hundreds of pet wellbeing products we now sell online.

“To show we are as loyal to our customers as they are to us and to celebrate our birthday we’ve got 5,000 special offers just for our card members in store for the next few weeks.”




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