Student Who Gets Paid to Travel the World says “Partying for a Living is Hard Work”

A student who is paid to party on yachts all summer by a British clothing giant says her job is “hard work”.

Ella Crockett, who’s in her third year at Newcastle University, got a job as an ambassador for fashion brand Jack Wills. She was shipped out to Nantucket Island on the east coast of the USA and told to promote the label.

beach days with just a few union jacks 🇬🇧☀️

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Ella was involved in organising a ‘nautical chic’ themed bash on a yacht, which involved getting a DJ on board for the day followed by a sunset dinner party.  Other promotors, or ‘seasonnaires’, were also involved in her travels and together they drank plenty of champagne, all in the name of work.

Seasonnaire: A Seasonaire is a person who lives in multiple locations during different “Seasons” of the year.

She said: “We did a brewery takeover with Cisco brewery, which is famous on the island, where we were doing Jack Wills giveaways. We also got our DJs to do a set there, it was so fun.

“Also, every Monday there was a night called ‘Jack in the Box’ at a place called Chicken Box. It was basically a huge Jack Wills night that everyone on the island would go to.”

it’s not even been a day since yacht week finished and I already miss it #regram @molliebylett ⛵️🍹

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But despite the glamorous lifestyle, Ella said partying for a living was hard work.

She said: “The social aspects like the events were a definite perk of the job and I did have loads of fun.

“But there was a lot of hard work involved too.

“It’s not one of those jobs you can just go home and relax after the work is done. It was a 24-hour job, seven days a week, but I loved it so it didn’t really feel like work.”

Ella is originally from St Albans in Hertfordshire but is living in Newcastle completing her degree.


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