With the long hot summer now a distant memory (blub) my once sharp balayge was outgrown, faded and looking decidedly flat, add major split ends and sun damaged lengths and I was not hair happy!

So, in need of a complete overhaul, I knew I wanted a top coiffeur and when it comes to luxury hairdressers, it doesn’t get much better than the Stuart Phillips salon.

I’d heard of Stuart Phillips before and knew of his reputation so was super excited and a little nervous to know that the man himself would be tending my neglected mane!

Based in the trendy seven dials district of Covent Garden is Stuart’s high end but laid-back haven.

Phillips made the conscious decision to be a one salon brand rather than open multiple branches, as he has such high standards and is very hands-on, he couldn’t bear the thought of diluting the offering by not being able to be present and oversee all operations.

This means that all of his expertise and vision is channelled into one incredible salon and this makes for a fantastic vibe, there is a real energy in the salon that you instantly notice. Often in celebrity hair salons you can feel a bit looked down on by aloof modelesque staff, but here it couldn’t be more different. There is a real family feel, everyone seems genuinely happy and the team are lovely, down to earth and seriously passionate about the client experience. Unsurprisingly they’ve also all got great hair!

Phillips has a true dream team as well, most of his stylists and colourists have worked with him for years, some of them from the very beginning, the fact that he has staff who have worked with him for more than two decades underlines the fact that he treats his staff brilliantly and you can tell he regards them all as family.

Having trained at Vidal Sassoon, Phillips opened up his salon in 1995 and has developed an enviable celebrity client list from A list stars to Oligarchs wives, and it’s easy to see why he’s loved by so many. On meeting him, Phillips is warmer than you expect from his online persona, he’s got an amazing aura, is softly spoken, very friendly and so humble considering his impressive credentials.

The consultation process was amazing, with Phillips spending ages analysing my face shape and showing me hair lengths and styles that would and wouldn’t work. It was amazing to have such a personalised and expert consultation and meant that the cut was completely bespoke. Phillips would refuse to cut to a length or style that he knew wouldn’t suit his client. His approach results in not just an amazing haircut but you actually come out looking prettier!

I got to know the man behind the brand quite well during the appointment and you can see how he’s built up such an amazing brand and loyal client base. To say he is highly driven doesn’t even begin to cover his work ethic, he puts absolutely everything into his endeavours, his latest thing being music.

Over the few years, Phillips has learnt to play thirty different musical instruments and built up a priceless collection of his own. Having previously had no musical background at all, he has achieved this through a punishing schedule of getting up at 5am every single day and practicing different instruments on rotation before heading into the salon!

If you are lucky enough to have Stuart cut your hair you will be in for a real treat, and if the budget doesn’t quite stretch to a cut with Stuart, any of his fabulous team would also do an amazing job, having trained them all personally, his magic has cascaded throughout so you could book in with a stylist and get the true Stuart Phillips experience with any of this amazing team!

Words Carlotta Stephens

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