Start-up creates workout gear using moisture-activated cooling and calorie-burning fabrics

A start-up company has created new workout gear using moisture-activated cooling and calorie-burning fabrics.

The workout shirt can help cool you down as you perspire, which helps with summer work-outs or exercising in warmer climates.

The moisture-activated cooling material uses Specific Heat Capacity yarn and special fiber to absorb perspiration and moisture, which then evaporates quickly, resulting in clothes that are at least eight degrees Fahrenheit cooler than conventional clothes, and which stay dryer as well.

The back of the Coresport shirt is a mesh fabric which is super breathable, but which can also enhance the calorie burning rate.

The fabric reflects a significant amount of UV light, making the shirt perfect for outdoor sports. In addition, the fabrics are infused with minerals that make the clothes odor-resistant and antibacterial.

After piloting the shirts on kickstarter the shirts are now available to purchase, right in time for summer!

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