Sexual Healing: Love Laser Saved My Marriage

Lindsey Price, 41, is a Business Development Manager from Wilmslow, Manchester. She lives with her husband of five years, Billy, and their three-year-old son, Xavier. She decided to undergo non-surgical labia remodelling after the traumatic birth of her child stripped her confidence and left her love life barely existent.

“I’d had a fairly uneventful pregnancy with Xavier, with the labour itself even being pretty low-key. It wasn’t until the birth itself that the problems started,” says Lindsay.

“My son’s head got stuck and I ended up having to have a ventouse delivery. Unfortunately the suction device didn’t work, and I was given an episiotomy as a last resort, leaving me with over 50 stitches and in a lot of pain.”

Despite enjoying their new son, Lindsey and her husband couldn’t resume a sexual relationship for four months, something unusual for the couple.

“I was told I’d need check-ups for the next year, but I hadn’t been prepared for how distressing the healing process would be,” Lindsey explains.

“Due to the cuts administered to get Xavier out, my inner and outer labia were a mess. I’d expected everything to heal and go back to normal, but I was left with an untidy looking area. My confidence, which prior to pregnancy had been high, vanished and our sex life started to suffer.”

The mum-of-one says despite her husband’s reassurance, her intimate appearance bothered her so much that she stops instigating sex entirely.

“I took for granted how having children would affect my body, especially down there. Everything looked and felt different, and not in a good way. I could tell Billy noticed too,” Lindsey says.

“I stopped feeling sexy and desirable and, despite Billy’s efforts to support me, I shied away from sex, never instigating it. It felt as if my body no longer belonged to me, and I couldn’t stand the thought of showing it off.”

Her love-life lacking and her confidence at an all time low, Lindsey couldn’t believe her luck when she stumbled upon a local aesthetics clinic showcasing a labia remodelling treatment at a business event she was visiting.

“I couldn’t believe there was a treatment that could help me, and on hearing it was also non-surgical I found myself signing up on the spot,” she reveals.

“It seemed better to be proactive to get my body and sex life back on track.”

Lindsey booked herself a consultation at an aesthetics clinic in Cheshire, where a course of four weekly treatments was recommended.

“Libby Daly, my practitioner, explained that over a month the treatment could improve the collagen around the labia and brings blood flow to the surface, making the area look and feel rejuvenated,” she explains.

“I was dubious when she told me it was both painless and fast-acting, so I was honestly gobsmacked when I started to see results after just one treatment.”

Lindsey has now had her full course of treatment with the unique device and says it’s changed her life for the better.

“I feel like I have my body back and my husband has his wife back,” Lindsey says triumphantly.

“Our sex life has improved ten-fold which I think is not only due to improved appearance and sensitivity down there, but also the renewed confidence it’s given me. I’ve honestly never felt sexier and my libido is higher than ever.”

She received her non-surgical labia remodelling with Protégé Intima at Pureskin, an aesthetic clinic in Cheshire

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