Review: Russian hair tape extensions at Beauty and Melody

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, in fact all of the Kardashian/ Jenner family are in my eyes complete ‘hair goals’. They have thick, long, luscious locks and I can’t help but feel a pang of jealously every time I see a photo of them.

I, on the other hand, have short, thin, poker straight hair. I have tried everything from clip in extensions, half wigs, full wigs, but never had the courage to get semi-permanent extensions as I was always scared of what damage it could do to my already non-existent hair.

When I heard about Beauty and Melody offering Russian hair tape extensions, I was very interested as it seemed so harmless to the hair and looked so luxurious. I researched, I researched a lot, and 9/10 reviews and experiences had been positive. So I took the jump and decided to go for it.

Mel, the stylist/hair extension guru/life changer was amazing, she knew exactly what would suit me, and even managed to blend a few colours of hair to ensure it blended into my natural hair colour perfectly. I originally went for 22 inches of hair, which I think would be perfect for someone who already had long hair and just wanted extra thickness, however, from going for a short blunt bob to 22 inches of pure goldilocks, was a bit too much of a change for me. I found it was too high maintenance as was paranoid about other people being able to see my natural hair.

I was panicking, I was having an absolute hair mare, so I called Mel, who booked me an appointment on the exact same day, sat me down and cut my hair slightly shorter to the most natural, beautiful, swishy length. As soon as I lost those few inches of hair, my confidence grew, my look changed, my hair looked and felt completely natural, I’m going to say it, I was giving Kim K a run for her money.

Since having the extensions in, I have had so much more fun styling my hair, I have wanted to care and look after it more and have taken lots of pride in trying every hair style known to mankind. I am completely and utterly converted and I think I love my new hair more than my boyfriend – wait did I say that out loud? Sorry bae but my hair slays.

Beauty and Melody is based just a stone’s throw away from Marble Arch, their décor, their staff and the ambience is uber luxurious, I am very keen to go back and to see how they can beautify me in future. If you’re like me and have hair envy when you scroll through Instagram, I couldn’t recommend the Russian hair tape extensions any more. They are so light weight, beautifully natural, and easy to style. I tend to wash my hair twice a week and the hair is in the exact same condition as when it was fitted.

Overall, I am 11/10 pleased with my extensions. They have given me a newfound confidence, and for me that is the main thing. I would recommend you only going to Beauty and Melody for this luxurious treatment, as you will leave feeling like a million dollars and looking like it too. Thanks Beauty and Melody you honestly are hairgicians*.

*Hairgicians are people who create magic for someone without using a wand.


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