By Courtney Greatrex 

After visiting Limoz Logli’s salon in Chelsea, I was lost for the words to describe how I felt about the experience.

So in a moment of desperation, I turned to Google to hunt for a quote.
When I found so many clichés I was about to give up, I came across this: “Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.”

This couldn’t be more true of Limoz’s work.

I’ve lived in London for more than five years and have always struggled to find a salon that truly ‘gets me’.

This is until I visited Limoz in his salon just off Kings Road in Chelsea.

From the second I walked in, I felt completely comfortable.


Limoz sat with me and asked me: “So what are you after today?”

Having walked in with no idea other than to snip lackluster hair, riddled with split ends, I turned the question on its head and asked him what he thought I should do.

As if he was waiting for me to ask, he grabbed a chunk of my sad blonde locks and said: “this has to go” and I couldn’t agree more.

But before he could get snipping, he told me I needed a serious treatment.

Limoz busied himself preparing for my cut, and chatting to other clients.

Meanwhile, I was led to the washbasin where my hair was scrubbed and then zipped into what felt like a bag – and steamed!

The steam helps the treatment work through the hair and felt fantastic and warm on my head.

As the steam was doing its thing, I was greeted by one of Limoz’s colleagues who offered me a manicure; obviously I had no choice but to accept.

As a person who rarely treats myself, I felt as if for the first time in my life, I understood why so many women go to beauty salons.

The way I was swept from washbasin to the manicure table was seamless, and before I knew it Limoz had already begun snipping away.

It felt refreshing to not have to awkwardly stare at myself in a mirror while my hair was cut, feeling nervous for its fate.

Instead, Limoz told me how he been working in London for more than 15 years while I was watching my nails be painted.

When he finished the cut and my manicure was done – at the same time like clockwork, he spun me round in front of the mirror where he began putting the finishing touches on my cut.

Even over the loud whoosh of the hairdryer, which he was using to give me the Limoz ‘signature’ blow dry, I was gripped by his story.


Limoz started out in big salons, before moving to private appointments where he would visit his client’s homes, to now his very own salon.

His clients are local, and loyal he tells me – and I can see why.

Without so much as a drop of hair dye, I felt as if my hair was completely new.

It felt great to walk out onto the busy King’s Road with a haircut that looked the part.

Limoz has created a salon that makes you feel at home.

A cut and blow dry at Limoz Logli starts from £65


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