I was once told, ‘eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins’. Unfortunately my eyebrows have always been second very distant cousins…

I am the first to admit that I am not blessed with the best eyebrows. I have dark, thick hair and they always tend to be pretty stubborn and uneven. Following on from 2016 the ‘Year of the Brow’ eyebrows have become one of the most popular beauty trends and have no intention of fading away. However, I am not artistic, patient, or vain enough to keep them up. I tried getting them waxed, threaded, and I’ve even plucked them myself – note to reader- just DON’T DO IT! But I have never found the magic remedy to create the perfect brow and was desperate for assistance.

When I was invited to Browhaus, I was already starting to think about the Instagram selfies I could take with my new perfect brows, I was pretty excited to say the least. Browhaus had offered me a slot for Browograpy (colour and shape), and Lashgraphy (lash tint) and I was ready to be transformed.

The salon itself, in my personal opinion looks slightly retro, but not so much in the cool vintage way but just a bit all over the place and if I dare say a bit tacky. They didn’t have anywhere for clients to sit apart from two chairs which had already been taken therefore I hovered and didn’t really know where to go or sit. It would be at this point I wish someone had just made me feel a bit more at home and a bit more at ease. However, with that point out the way, when I did get settled onto a heated beauty bed (yes – heated!) I felt extremely comfortable and ready for my make over.

As a virgin to the tinting world, I had a panic prior to the product being applied to my eyelashes and eyebrows, wondering if I would explode into an allergic reaction or if it would affect my eyesight, however the beautician who was performing the service was kind and patient, making sure I knew everything I was entering into. She was very honest about it stinging on my eyelashes but made me aware that this was totally normal, we chit chatted about their other branches (who have different décor!) and even provided me with a countdown so I knew the stinging of the application would eventually finish.

The finished product was great, I loved the fuller brow look and my dark lashes. The idea of not having to apply eyebrow pencil or mascara would save me at least 20 mins a day, imagine how many coffees I could drink in that time!

It has now been three weeks since I had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted, and I think the eyebrows have stood the test of time, making my morning make up regimes a lot quicker and easier. However the eyelashes haven’t made much of a difference to my look, therefore I would recommend saving your pennies and going for the upgraded service where they tint and curl your lashes, or even eyelash extensions if you’re feeling super glam, as just the tint didn’t do much and didn’t last long.

Overall, I am happy I have finally been introduced to the world of tinting, I would book in again for my brows. Potentially at another one of the branches in London to discover a more glamorous salon. Of course this is my own personal opinion but I believe if you’re going to be pampered you want to feel luxurious, glamorous and taken care of. I think BrowHaus are nearly there, they just need to tidy and sharpen up their salon, just like they did to my brows.


Review: So Me Beauty & Wellness, Clapham

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