Review: So Me Beauty & Wellness, Clapham

Ladies, how many of you have been on a shopping spree, arms laden with high street bags, and then on the final leg of your spree you have quickly nipped into Superdrug to buy that £1 shower gel on offer and thought ‘two birds one stone, I might as well get my eyebrows threaded’?

Living in London, one can forget that ‘pamper’ time is meant to be luxurious, relaxed and enjoyable. Nowadays I just think ‘when can I fit in my wax between tube journeys and rushing home for the latest episode of Stranger Things’. If anything, pamper time has been lost from the agenda, and is almost an inconvenience within a schedule.

Therefore to have places like Superdrug now offering so many beauty treatment services, they really are a life saver. However, little did I know, the company who owns Superdrug’s beauty bars can not only offer the public a quick beauty treatment, but their mother company, So Me, can offer you the pamper day you’ve been dreaming of.

So Me, are a beauty treatment company who were established in 2011, with their first branch on Clapham High Street. They now have two other stores based in Clapham Junction and Colliers Wood. Just like their beauty bars in Superdrug, they offer an array of treatments at an affordable price. They not only offer treatments for waxing and tinting though, So Me offer hair appointments, nail treatments, waxing, massages, facials and tanning. For the more hardcore beauty go-ers, you can even chose from teeth whitening sessions, fillers, body firming therapy and wrinkle reductions. It really is a one stop shop.

I visited the their branch in Clapham Junction and was greeted by warm, friendly staff and a luxurious interior design and calming atmosphere. As I took in the surroundings of the beauty parlour, it instantly made me feel relaxed and the rush of London was firmly left outside. My masseuse and nail technician Zusie was a dream to have look after me. As a bit of a newbie to the massage scene, she put me at ease and talked me through everything before she got started with the Deep Tissue Massage.

The Deep Tissue Massage cannot be described with words, but only sounds effects such as ‘ohhhhh’ or ‘mmmmm’. Zusie’s hands are a gift, and she was very careful with sensitive points of my body I had discussed with her prior to the massage, while still getting hold of my knotty back muscles and transforming me into a new woman.

Trying to peel myself off of the massage table I was then escorted down to the nail salon and booked in for a gel manicure. In the past I have always gone for the glamorous acrylic nails however Zusie discussed the after effects of them and how I had other options to allow my nails to look as fabulous and also let them feel fabulous. As we chit chatted about our lives, boyfriends and holidays, my technician also enlightened me on the other services they provide, such as eyelash extensions and microdermabrasion facials. She also told me about their tanning packages. Being a Scouse girl, my ears pricked up when Zusie told me it only takes three hours to develop, meaning no messy bed sheets and an olive undertone rather than an orange colour. A total game changer.

Ladies AND Gents (oh yes they do male beauty treatments too) I’d strongly recommend taking that bit of time for some self TLC and if you’re looking for a place that can do it all under one roof, So Me is your place.


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