Nowadays, many people find themselves without a partner for this single reason: high expectations. This happens because since we were children, movies and television series have insisted that you have to live love romantically and you have to find your better half; ‘the One’.

Along with aspirational living (TV selling us stuff we can’t afford and can live without), this is another example of how television has ruined our lives, or more specifically our love lives.

This romanticism, unfortunately, is not realistic, and isn’t even possible in most cases. The chances of falling in love at first sight and being that person compatible with you are minimal. For a relationship to really work, it requires three things: coincidence in morals, tastes and hobbies, time to get to know each other, and previous experiences that teach you how to live as a couple.

The first is the most complicated, since this compatibility depends on factors that we can not control.

Instead, time and experiences may be in our hands. Perhaps in the past to meet a girl demanded a waste of time, and chances of success were low, but today with the advent of web pages apps to meet people is much easier. Web portals such as Skokka are proving effective.

Skokka is a space where hundreds of real people post their ads daily. In addition, this portal is updating the pages of the 18 countries in which it has presence, to make it even easier to navigate.  All you have to do is enter, find the ad you like and call, without intermediaries.

Challenge yourself to discover all of the people who like the same things as you. Live enjoy new experiences. The knowledge necessary to conquer your future perfect match in Skokka is at your fingertips.

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