Recreating Fifties Style in 2014

By  Leanne Dempsey   @leanneysbabble

Fashion and style in the fifties was fun, flirty and feminine, so it comes as no surprise that it is still a favourite of many in 2014. The floaty skirts, kitsch patterns and block colours make fifties inspired clothing ideal for the summer months, but sometimes fifties, or indeed any vintage style, can be daunting to wear if you’re not sure how. Well never fear, fifties fans, as you can read on to read three simple ways that you can add a little bit of fifties to your summer outfits.


A curvaceous hourglass silhouette was desirable in female fifties fashion. Whether you’re naturally curvy or have a more boyish figure, it is easy to create the appearance of an ‘hourglass’ using clothes. Wearing voluminous skirts and ensuring that your waist is the smallest point of your outfit easily creates an hourglass shape. If you’re wearing a dress, wearing a belt around the waist to cinch it in creates the same effect, as does wearing high waisted bottoms. For an easy fifties fix, then popping on a structured skater dress is the way to do it. Pick a dress with a fitted top and a knee length skirt and you’re good to go!


Just like clothing, hair in the fifties was very feminine and voluminous. Straight hair wasn’t often seen in this decade, so to emanate fifties hair styles put away the straighteners and keep your hair wavy. If your hair is long try soft curls, or create an interesting up-do on hot summer days to help keep yourself cool! For shorter lengths, wear your hair in loose or tight curls and no matter what your hair length, on lazy days tie a colourful scarf around your hair for a quick fifties fix.

Make Up

Much like clothing and hair, make-up in the fifties also oozed femininity. Keep foundation and blusher minimal for an ‘English Rose’ look and put emphasis on your eyes and lips. Winged eyeliner is a look synonymous with fifties style and with a bit of practice is easy to do. Red lips were also a favourite in the decade, so don’t be afraid to go bold and pair your winged eyeliner with a red lip.


The post war years were a time of great prosperity and hope, which of course meant that attitudes were positive. To truly emanate fifties style then put on your best dress, a slick of red lipstick and just get out there and enjoy yourself some more!

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