Recovering your body-confidence after birth

By Laura Casewell & Tom Parker @CasewellEditor  

‘Mummy makeovers’ are increasingly being touted in the media, but what exactly does a post-birth body makeover involve if you don’t fancy going under the knife, and how can energy-assisted treatments can transform your figure after pregnancy?

The ‘mummy makeover’ is a term that is often applied to the combination of treatments to improve or restore the areas affected by carrying a baby. Often with age, following pregnancy or where there have been changes in weight, there is a change in the skin quality and elasticity. The changes associated with pregnancy can alter the appearance of the body significantly, leaving some women looking to improve the contour of their bodies.

Although there are surgical procedures available, many women are now opting for non-surgical alternatives including energy-assisted body contouring to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. It’s not uncommon to be left with sagging skin and small pockets of fat that just won’t shift with exercise and dieting alone, and it’s for this reason that new mums often turn to advanced aesthetic treatments to help, says Dr Anita Sturnham.

“Getting the body back to its pre-pregnancy best can be harder for some women than others,” the non-surgical expert says. “You may have tried every diet, exercise routine or toning exercise possible but not seen the results you hoped. The good news is there are treatments available to help you, and none of them require going under the knife.”

Dr Sturnham – who has offered her expert advice on popular TV shows including Embarrassing Bodies and The Alan Titchmarsh Show – says body contouring is a great option for women who are keen to shape up their abdomen.

“Body contouring is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatment that allows patients the opportunity to shrink, reshape and reposition stubborn fat cells in order to create a leaner and more flattering appearance to the area of application,” explains Anita. “Energy-assisted body reshaping treatments usually use radiofrequency waves to heat and destroy fat cells, allowing the target area to be contoured, so it’s perfect for new mums struggling to adjust to their new shape.”

There are many positives to body contouring treatments – like Vanquish and Exilis Elite which Anita offers at her clinic – including visible improvement to the problem area. “When you have an area of insecurity on your body it can make your feel self-conscious and has an impact on your daily life,” says Anita. “Whether you no longer feel comfortable in your clothes or you feel self-conscious with your significant other, body contouring treatment aims to leave you able to enjoy your life again.”

Offering radiofrequency treatments  allows Anita to not only improve the contours of her patient’s bodies, but in many cases can improve skin tone and elasticity. The combination of positive results and zero downtime, unlike with surgery, are what make body contouring and skin tightening treatments so popular, says Anita.

“New mums have enough going on looking after their baby; they don’t have time to undergo painful, time-consuming and costly surgery. This non-invasive option is an increasingly popular choice, particularly in my London clinic.”

Many people find finding a surgeon, cosmetic doctor or cosmetic professional that they trust to undergo treatment with the hardest and most time consuming part of their cosmetic treatment. With good reason, naturally you want someone that you know can not only produce the high standard of results you are aiming for but also someone that will take every cosmetic precaution possible in order to ensure your safety.

“Consultations are really important when it comes to choosing your practitioner,” explains Anita. “It’s of the up most importance that each and every patient is given an individual treatment plan to achieve the results they are hoping for. A good doctor or nurse will have your best interests at heart and will only offer you a treatment if they think it can help you.”

When it comes to ‘mummy makeovers’ Anita says it’s always best to have a full health check-up to make sure you’re making the right decision and to clarify with a specialist doctor that your body is up to the changes. “We offer health MOTs at the clinic with one of them being a ‘get back on track’ post-natal programme. Mummy Makeover Health MOTs offer GP and dietician advice as part of a 6 week programme, and body contouring treatments could also be added to maximise results,” Anita concludes.

If you would like more information on Vanquish or Exilis Elite body contouring treatments, or the post-natal MOTs offered by Dr Anita Sturnham at NURISS Advanced Skincare, visit or call 0845 2613716


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