Quiz: How well do you know World War II?

Facts, figures and events from World War Two are at risk of being forgotten – with some people mistakenly believing Germany and Britain were on the same side, a study has found.

The location of the Battle of Britain, the date of D-Day and even Britain’s allies during the second world war all leave the nation stumped.

And one in ten had no idea Adolf Hitler was involved in World War Two.

Dan Korn from TV Channel HISTORY, which commissioned the research to mark the launch of its World War True season which starts tonight (Monday 9th) said: “Britain’s role in World War II in defying the Nazis was one of the most important in our recent history.

“This research shows the importance of telling its stories to the next generation so the fortitude and sacrifice of our forebears in the forces and on the home front is not forgotten.

“In HISTORY’s World War True season, a mix of documentaries, drama, personal accounts and classic films will tell the remarkable true story of Britain’s war years”.


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