Christmas tradition

Quiz: Test your knowledge of the world’s weirdest Christmas traditions

Which unlikely fast food chain is a Christmas dinner tradition in Japan? What is a Krampuslauf?

Christmas is celebrated in many ways around the world – this quiz will hopefully help you with some top weird Xmas traditions Christmas dinner banter facts:

Meanwhile these are the Christmas traditions that Brits will be following this holiday:

The average Brit will buy 22 different gifts for nine people, spending almost £379 in total – 1.1 billion presents for 462 million people between us.

A survey of 2,000 British adults was carried out by for British Airways, also found that Brits will spend £4.9 billion on Christmas nights out and endure more than 154 million cheesy cracker jokes.

Christmas by numbers:

  •  We visit five relatives over the Christmas period – 256,695,805 nationwide
  • Travel 92 miles delivering gifts – 4,723,202, 812 nationwide
  • Travel 38 miles delivering Christmas cards – 1,950,888,118 nationwide
  • Travel 109 miles visiting friends and family – 5,595,968,549 in total
  • Buy presents for nine people – 462,052,449 people nationwide
  • Spend £378.50 on Christmas gifts each year – £19,431,872,438.50 nationwide
  • Buy 22 different presents – 1,129,461,542 nationwide
  • Send 21 Christmas cards – 1,078,122,381 nationwide
  • Eat two Christmas dinners (102,678,322 nationwide) containing a total of six slices of turkey (308,034,966 nationwide), eight potatoes (410,713,288 nationwide) and eight sprouts (410,713,288 nationwide) as well as drink four glasses of champagne (205,356,644 nationwide).
  • Kiss one person under the mistletoe – 51,339,161 nationwide
  • Pull three Christmas crackers (154,017,483 nationwide) and hear three cheesy cracker jokes (154,017,483 nationwide)
  • Watch four Christmas movies (205,356,644 nationwide) and five Christmas TV programmes (256,695,805 nationwide)
  • Listen to nine Christmas songs (462,052,449 nationwide)
  • Play two board games (102,678,322 nationwide) – one of which will end in a row (51,339,161 nationwide)


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