Quiz: See How Much Noise You Can Take

The modern world can be a very busy place and with mobile phones, trains and emergency services that busy place can also become rather noisy.

A new study that looked in to the nation’s most annoying noises found that loud eaters, screaming kids – and the “Go Compare” song are all high on the nations list.

Coming first on the list was snoring, with six in ten British adults wishing they could do away with the intrusive nightly sound effects from the other side of the bed.

Home is no sanctuary

An interesting find of the study was that the most irritating sounds happen in the home – with one in ten people naming their partner as the biggest culprit of the sounds that drive them up the wall.

It appears that Brits irritation towards noises can be more than just a minor annoyance with more than one in ten having considered dumping their partner due to their annoying aural habits, while eight per cent have either dumped or been dumped because of it.

Noisy neighbours, other members of the family and a loud washing machine are also among the annoying home-based noises, with one in ten putting up with a noisy appliance.

Washing machines were far and away voted the noisiest kitchen appliance, with half the population ranking them louder than food processors, blenders and kettles.

Even the bedroom is invaded by unwanted noises with sixty per cent of the population having had a night’s sleep ruined due to unwanted noise.

How much noise can you handle? 

In a bid to see just how much unwanted noise a Brit can put up with Whirlpool have created an audio quiz to see just how much noise Brits can take.

Check out the quiz here to find out just how much noise it will take to push you to breaking point:

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