Quiz: How well do you know your bones?

Brits don’t know their a*se from their elbow, new research has found.

A detailed study has revealed most people are clueless about the make up of our body, with one in four admitting they didn’t know the thigh bone is called the femur.

Even fewer, just 37 per cent, correctly identified the two bones in the lower arm as the radius and the ulna.

It also emerged almost one in twenty wrongly believe the large leg bone is called the humerus.

Less than three in 10 were aware the pubis is part of the hip bone while 29 per cent have no idea the body’s smallest bone is in the ear.

Indeed, almost one in 10 wrongly thought this to be in the toe.

A spokesman for Vitabiotics Osteocare supplement, which commissioned the research, said: “Our bones aren’t just there to hold our body up, they are fundamental for our health and wellbeing.

“While the names of individual bones may not be common knowledge, what is really important is an understanding of how we can keep bones healthy throughout our lives.

“Bones have many functions – as well as supporting the body structurally, they also protect our vital organs, allow us to move, are where blood cells are created and also act as a storage area for minerals.

“They come in all shapes and sizes, from the thigh bone, or femur which is the largest, to the stapes in the middle ear, which is the smallest in the body at just 3mm long.”

Find out how well you know your bones by taking the quiz: 

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