Old fashioned manners such as ladies always going first, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and keeping elbows off the table are all in danger of dying out, research has revealed.

A new study has found never using swear words is also a rule many of us struggle to stick to, along with holding doors open for the person behind you and not using your phone at the dinner table.

Manners which we still do our best to abide by are to always knock before entering a room and offering tea to guests as soon as they arrive, but even these aren’t rules followed by all.

It also emerged more than two thirds of the population believe British society is becoming less civilised than it once was, and one third believe politeness has become a less important part of society in recent years.

The study was commissioned by Sky Atlantic ahead of the launch of its new series Britannia, which follows an invading Roman army trying to crush the rebellious and uncivilised heart of Britannia.

A spokesperson for Sky Atlantic, said: “I’m sure many have already noticed standards slipping, with our society becoming a little lax on etiquette expectations.

“However, will we also see a resurgence of Britannia’s anarchic spirit?”

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