How to plan the perfect wedding and keep it within your budget?

All brides love the stage of wedding preparations. Choosing every detail is a feeling of happiness without explanation. It’s like making a dream come true little by little, while becoming more and more anxious as the big day approaches, right?

Preparing a marriage is indeed one of the best phases of your life, but it is also one of the most stressful ones, filled with decisions, indecisions and immense options. It can totally drive you nuts and end up making the bride a little desperate. Although it’s part of the process, there are tools and platforms these days designed to help you plan everything that you need to, while keeping your sanity intact.

If you’ve never heard of StarOfService, you should definitely check it out. It’s an online marketplace where you can find over 800 different services and professionals located in your area, offering them. Weddings-wise, you can find anything from Hairstylist to Photographers, DJ’s and Events planning agencies.

To help the more anxious brides in the task of planning the perfect wedding without going overboard nuts with the budget, here are 5 tips that will surely come in handy!

1) This is maybe the most important tip of all: always ask for a few offers, from different service providers, so you can easily compare and choose the right one for you, at an affordable price.  StarOfService’s website enables you to post a request for the service you need (like Catering, Wedding photography, Florist…), sending then your way, several quotes from different professionals. All in a matter of hours and free of any cost on your side.

2) Choosing the perfect Florist is one of the most important decisions, is it not? Flowers have the power to make us dream and they give a touch of magic and romanticism to the whole decoration. For everything to go smoothly you don’t need to be a flower expert, you just need to know the right florist.

Search your florist in advance and take it easy, compare prices and ask for multiple quotes. Make sure she has experience in weddings, so that she can advise you properly and always request examples from previous work done for weddings.

3) On average, a wedding takes up to 240 hours to plan, so don’t try to be a superwoman, thinking that you can do everything by yourself. Even if you have a tight budget, it never hurts to ask for quotes for certain services, like a Wedding or Event planner. Depending on what you need their help with, whether it is to plan the entire wedding or only to help you find your dream venue, the perfect catering company or the right DJ, you will find that some of them are not that expensive after all, and it will end up saving you a lot time, while helping you keep your cool.

4) Staying within your set budget means being selective with the guest list, and avoid feeling guilt trapped into inviting people that are not that close to you. You need to define early on how many guests are you planning to have, so that you can focus on finding the perfect venue to fit everyone and also, start searching for the best caterers, highly aware that the costs per head on food will most likely be your biggest expense.

5) Your wedding photos and wedding album are how you will relive and cherish the memories of your special day in the many years to come, so be sure to hire the best wedding photographer for you! Research carefully and find someone that really gets what you envision for your special day and that has proven work with high quality in the style that you want. A great idea that you can also think about, is scheduling an engagement shoot prior to the wedding, so that you have time to better know the photographer, practice beautiful poses and get aligned in the strategy to follow during your big day.

Even with the help of professionals, family and friends, wedding planning can be really stressful. So, in times where you are feeling hopeless and despaired over something, take a step back, breathe, and remember: the most important thing of it all is that you are marrying the love of your life!

Happy wedding planning!

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