Paul Edmonds salon – Review

By Georgette Culley

What happened when our  feature writer  went to celebrity hairstylist in Knightsbridge salon?

Ever since I can remember I’ve been dying my hair. First, I went bleach blonde, then I went Ginger (yes I actually asked to be ginger), then I went brunette, pink and every colour in between.

Needless to say, my hair isn’t in the best condition and is dryer than the Gobi desert. No matter what expensive products I put on it, it still looks shit and not even the miracle argan oil can treat my tresses.

So, when celebrity hair dresser Jack Howard offered me to his salon to sort out my Barnet I didn’t need much persuading.

Walking into the Paul Edmonds in Knightsbridge, it looked like a military operation. There were different sections with stylists working on specifically colouring, cutting or styling.

All working like clockwork.

EVERY customer had a designer bag better than the other. I was especially envious of the Donatella-Versace-doppelganger’s Celine bag. Fortunately, I had my Mulbs in tow so I didn’t feel like one of the underclass.

‘Gosh your hair is in bad condition,’ Jack commented, fingering it, ‘what are you after?’

‘I want to go back blonde,’ I told him.

He told me that was out of the question because my hair was too weak and I needed to concentrate on getting it healthy again.

‘I’ll make your hair look expensive,’ he promised.

In that moment, I knew I was in good hands.

Some hairdressers in so-called top salons will bull shit you and do what you ask, knowing deep down they’re about to wreck your hair. But Jack doesn’t try to save your feelings, he’ll tell it how it is and because of that I instantly trusted him.

As Jack got to work I began to quiz him on celebrities’ hair he’s worked on. He told me that Poppy Delevingne has naturally light blonde hair that ‘doesn’t need much work’.

‘What a cow,’ I replied, slurping on my skinny latte, ‘and she’s got legs to die for.’

Interestingly, he told me that ordinary women should not dye their hair every month to keep up with celebs – as although most celebs look like they change their hair colour more than their pants, they’re actually wearing wigs. Oh.

Instead of colouring my hair, Jack went for a gloss. Less than one hour later and I looked like a new woman. My hair looked thick, silky and sleek. I felt a million dollars.

The salon is pricey and a colour will set you back £50 for a gloss colour. Balayage colour is between £140-£340 – but if you want A-lister locks you have to pay it.

One thing is for sure, I won’t go to any other salon now. I’ve found my hairdresser for life.

For more information visit Paul Edmonds London ( ) 217 Brompton Road, SW3 2EJ – for appointments,020 7589 5958.





Here’s five of Jack’s tips to get perfect hair – enjoy!

The most important advice that many people ignore is that great hair colour needs to start with hair that is in great condition.
1. Use the shampoo, conditioner and treatment for your hair type. Is your hair sensitised (chemically damaged), is it porous (lacking moisture) etc? A salon professional can diagnose this for you which is an important starting place for colour. Ask the questions if you’re not sure so you can ensure you’re using the right products for you.
2. Always use a heat protecting spray before blow-drying or styling.
3. Turn the heat down on your styling tools. Thermal damage can be a hair killer.
4. Don’t wash your hair everyday if you can help it. To give your hair an extra day between washes just spritz with dry shampoo.
5. If your hair is damaged from over processing (colouring), seek out a colour specialist and get a game plan together. It’s all about the journey sometimes, not the moment.

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