Teaching children to code with free ebook from Primo Toys, creators of Cubetto

Primo Toys, the leading purveyor of STEM toys for early years, released a free ebook: “Beginning computer programming for kids: An introductory guide to computational thinking and coding for kids aged 3-6 years old.” Aimed at parents and educators of children aged 3-6, the comprehensive, 10,000-word ebook covers all bases of teaching children to code. Find it at http://cubet.to/UKEbook

The new E-book offers insight into coding and why parents should be teaching their children the basics from a preliterate age. The book covers:

An Introduction to Coding

Find out coding and computational thinking skills fit into an increasingly digital future, and why it benefits children to learn them.

A Brief History of Coding

From early constructivism to modern-day robots, learn about developments in coding over the years.

Fun games, both ‘unplugged’ and using technology

Simple home exercises, such as the Programmable Parent, to teach and show the fundamentals of computational thinking.

Basic Language and Jargon

Programming. Debugging. Tinkering. You’ll know your abstractions and your algorithms after reading this book.

Tech Demystification

The ebook will help turn children into technology creators rather than merely consumers, by helping them understand what computers can and can’t do.

Primo Toys is on a mission to give all children the chance to get a head start on the tech skills of tomorrow by lowering the age of entry into computer programming. The company is now giving parents and educators the ideal solution to introducing coding for kids as young as three, with an engaging and entertaining ebook filled with practical tips. ‘Beginning Computer Programming for Kids’ is suitable for parents with no previous technology expertise, yet offers ingeniously simple activities to enable even the most tech-savvy mums, dads and educators to expand STEM learning.

The ebook covers the basics of computational thinking for children aged 3-6, in an accessible, entertaining and age-appropriate way. It is based around hands-on play, which research shows is the most developmentally appropriate way for children of this age to learn and absorb new information.

Primo Toys is the maker of Cubetto, a wooden robot that teaches coding without a screen. Cubetto has made coding accessible to the youngest age group in history, allowing little ones to discover programming through storytelling, adventure and hands-on play, before they can even read and write. More than 20,000 children, parents and educators, spanning over 100+ countries use the Montessori-influenced coding toy.

To download the ebook for free, visit http://cubet.to/UKEbook.

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