One of the World’s Rarest Beers Arrives in London

A single bottle of one of the World’s rarest beers has arrived in London.

One of only six bottles of  Methuselah beer has been delivered to Sourced Market St Pancras, giving the artisan shop exclusive access to this exclusive product. Brewed by British brewing company Savour, the luxury beer comes in a six litre (the equivalent of eight wine bottles) bottle and took 18 months to develop,  from having the unique cork made, to working out how to fill the bottle – a process normally only done by big Champagne houses.

Aptly named Everything in Moderation, Savour Methuselah was designed with a mission to raise people’s perceptions of beer by taking sparkling beer Brut to a new level. The beer was brewed using 100 per cent floor malted British barley, hops and three yeast strains. The beer was fermented in 750ml bottles for 100 days before being transferred into the six litre Methuselah bottle.

Everything in Moderation is not just any beer, but a beer made using the traditional method to make sparkling wines – a Champagne-style beer. And at 10.5 per cent ABV and £800 a pop, it should be consumed with the same respect as Champagne as well.

Rich and smooth with hints of caramel and honey on the palate, the beer is highly effervescent, with an intense finish and subtle spices on the nose.

Sandy Kirkpatrick, founder and creator of Savour, says: “This truly is one of the tastiest beers on the planet, and because there are only six in the world, it also happens to be one of the most expensive.

“The idea came from a trip to Belgium back in 2009, where I fell in love with the respect and passion people had for beer over there. They drink beer like the French drink wine, and I wanted to bring that attitude towards beer to Britain. The Methuselah will hopefully raise Britain’s admiration for fine brews.”

Ben O’Brien, founder of Sourced Market, adds:  “We’re really lucky to be the only London host of this extraordinary brew. In terms of taste and how to consume, this beer will take British beer lovers’ experience to the next level. It’s a mighty beer, and one lucky Briton will soon have the honour of sipping on it with his friends.”

For Londoners to get their hands on this glorious Savour Methuselah of beer, they better hurry, because a beer that tastes this good, and is this rare, won’t stay on Sourced Market’s shelf for long.

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