One in ten Brits say they never have a good morning

Struggle to get out of bed this morning? You’re not alone – new research has found one in ten Brits reckon they never have a good morning, and a quarter never have more than two good mornings a week.

Almost 90 per cent of Brits reckon their morning sets the tone for their entire day. Respondents admitted they were twice as likely to help someone out if they have a good start to the day compared to a bad start.

And four in ten are more likely to wish someone else a ‘good morning’ if they’ve already been wished one themselves. Nine in ten Brits also believe a good morning is contagious.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults, by belVita Breakfast, also revealed skipping the first meal of the day can come back to bite you throughout the day.

More than half the people who miss breakfast say it makes them more irritable and less able to concentrate. And for four in ten it means they are more likely to have a bad day.

Daniel Kessler from belVita Breakfast said: “A good morning can set you up for the entire day and can be shared with those around you, which is why we’ve launched belVita Breakfast’s Good Mornings campaign.

“Our research shows that good mornings really are contagious and the simple act of eating a balanced breakfast can make all the difference to our mornings and the mornings of those around us.

“belVita Breakfast is a tasty and convenient on-the-go breakfast option, meaning even if you’re busy – a good start to the day is still possible.”

Women are likelier to pay a compliment if they’ve had a good start compared to men.

Writer and teacher Dr Stuart Farrimond said: “We know that having a good morning sets us up for a positive start to the day but unfortunately they might not happen as frequently as we’d like.

“The research conducted by belVita Breakfast shows that having breakfast in the morning can be a step towards putting this right by setting us up for the day and increasing both our mood and performance.”

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits slowly release carbohydrates over four hours when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast.

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