New Interactive Home Improvements

Last year, research from Lloyds Banking Group had reached an astronomical seven-year high of almost £6billion, indicating that Brits are becoming more and more hands on when it comes to DIY.

Unfortunately, when DIY projects go wrong and you have to call in the experts to rectify a problem it can end up costing even more money. A survey by Swinton Insurance found that homeowners blow around £300 employing tradesmen to carry out DIY repairs.

Ken’s Yard have launched an interactive guide for some of the most common home improvements- making it even easier to get stuck into projects yourself.

Some of the home improvements included in the guide are:

  • How to wall mount a TV
  • How to correctly hang a door
  • How to replace door handles
  • How to fit shelving

Some jobs should be left to the professionals but for simple home improvements you can now take on DIY with confidence. The guide includes everything you’ll need to know – the difficulty and time it will take for each task, the tools needed and accompanying explanatory video tutorials.

Luke Bell, General Manager of Ken’s Yard commented, “We decided to create the interactive guide as a go to place for all home owners wanting to make minor improvements to the home. Whether it be first time buyers who have limited experience with DIY projects or the more experienced homeowner who might want to take on a bigger challenge, we want to give people the confidence to take on DIY projects themselves.”
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