Wristwatch Microbrands Reclaiming UK Customers in This Tech-Forward World

The localism concept has taken the world by storm. People want to support local brands, which has given rise to all sorts of microbrands. In the UK, it is estimated that six out of 10 consumers are looking for smaller, local brands as oppose to bigger brands.

This movement has hit all sorts of industries, such as restaurants that sale local foods, local designers, and even local watchmakers. Many assumed that watch ownership was down, but microbrands have found ways to get customers to fall in love with watches again.

Microbrands Fight Against the Trend

For some time, watch purchases have gone downhill. Most people blame the explosion of smart devices like smartphones that can tell a user everything there is to know about the day, such as the weather and the time. People carry around small computers in their pockets and might see no reason to wear a watch.

This is something watchmakers saw and decided to face it head-on. The strategy some watchmakers used was to create watches that focused on style and status rather than timekeeping.

The strategy has proven more than effective because luxury watches are popular once again, especially if the luxury watches are made in the UK.

How Microbrands are Winning Back Customers

The smart microbrands in the UK are taking a number of steps to attract customers. Of course, one thing they are doing is communicating that their brand is sourcing materials, work, and designers locally to attract customers looking to support local businesses.

Of course, localizing a brand is just one of the strategies employed by savvy watchmakers. Some of these watchmakers are embracing everything that is threatening their industry by employing a little bit of technology. There is no denying that times have changed, and there is nothing wrong with a luxury watch having a few smart features.

Large companies are already selling smart watches, but what some fail to realize is there is a hunger for smart watch design that takes into account a customer’s desire to own something luxurious and smart.

Striking a balance between luxury and technology is not simple, but microbrands are achieving this goal by presenting time pieces that tell you the time and do other things, like allow you to control your camera through Bluetooth.

Another thing that microbrands are doing is creating a sense of status. This is partly done by making sure their watch is made using only high quality materials, but it is also done by making sure the watch cannot be duplicated.

Good watchmakers put an authentication system in place to make sure the watch cannot be duplicated, giving customers assurance that their time piece is theirs alone. One way this is done is by making sure that each piece is engraved with a unique identifying serial number that can be traced by the watchmaker.

Re-Learn to Wear a Watch

Watch-wearing is an art that needs to be re-learned in this tech-forward world. Wearing a watch is about ensuring a good fit with a person’s overall look and seeing its benefits.

A smartphone may be able to tell a user the time just the same as a wristwatch, but the smartphone needs to be taken out of the user’s pocket whereas the watch is already on the wrist. This is one reason a wearer must find a watch that fits perfectly on the wrist; it should not be too tight or loose. Having easy access to time can also decrease the chances of dropping a phone as some people repeatedly pull out their phone to see the time.

Adding a smartwatch to a look is easier when one understands a few things. For example, a dressy look should be paired with a simple, thin watch with no complexities.

The business casual look could be paired with a simple watch but could also be paired with a dive watch that usually comes with metal-like bands. The casual look can be contrasted with the simple watch design, but it can look great paired with a sporty watch that looks rugged. This style often has all kinds of complexities or colors.

It seems like the time for the wristwatch is not over but rather going through a transformation that many sophisticated UK citizens are loving.

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