Treylance, a white glove freelance service, hits the UK design market

Freelancer task-time management and performance quality will be monitored by a project manager. The client will receive the three best design approaches to choose from and progress with.

There’s no doubt the UK freelance market is evolving at a rapid pace with currently around 2 million freelancers and the number will continue to rise. It contributes almost £300 billion a year to the British economy.

With the current uncertainty in the British environment one fact that will prevail is the need for highly talented freelancers within the UK and internationally. 

Traditionally employed workers are on the decline with the increase in the number of firms which show strong support to the freelance market – 64% of firms admit to relying on freelancers. 37% of those saying they engage freelancers to deploy hard-to-find expertise, 16% use freelancers to inject fresh thinking into a project or aspect of business.

But this doesn’t mean there are some opposing views to the sector. A particular negative view is that the freelancer only cares about the paycheck and not the quality of work, yet charges a high price. Another hot spot is the lack of task-time management of the freelancers` feedback and task performance. It was found in the freelance design field that 4 out of 10 designers receive negative reviews due to slow response or failure to deliver on time.

These factors lead to thoughts that to achieve an effective middle ground for teams should consist of a core project manager arranging freelancers with different niche qualities and skills. These are the keys points a white glove freelance service such as the Treylance platform focuses on in its approach.

Treylance platform, recently launched by UK based investor Mike Raitsyn, is designed as a combination of a freelancer market and a marketing agency, with the prices from the former and dedicated project managers for clients from the latter.

Project managers choose the best freelancers for a client’s order, budget and coordinate all further work with them, while the client just needs to drop a few lines about the project to the project manager. Then in a guaranteed time frame of around 3 days, receives the best options to choose and pay for their preferred freelancer. The platform has already established a global designer community specializing in all areas of design, including logo designers, web designers, graphic and brochure designers from the USA, UK, and Europe.

To provide the best service from the most experienced designers is the main goal for Treylance with an advanced whitelist, which allows designers to be chosen to concrete task by project manager by specific criteria – this also helps designers to advance their career in specific niches.  Designers are ranked according to their past work, the quality of their previously completed projects, as well as direct testimonials by clients themselves.

Apparently, this UK workforce trend will continue to go from strength to strength as more workers realise the potential benefits of setting out on their own. Self-employed and freelance sector will play a major role in future working lives, as part of a much heralded decline of the conventional job.

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