How Small Business Owners Can Succeed In London

London is a thriving hub for businesses both small and large. With a vast, diverse population and a quickly evolving market, there are many opportunities for a unique business idea to gain traction in the UK’s capital city. But with plenty of opportunities comes plenty of competition.

One needs to have certain entrepreneurial skills and know-how to come out on top. Knowing how to take the next step on your journey through the rough landscape of the business world is key to success. Skip learning from your mistakes and walk in the right direction from the beginning with these universal tips.

Keep An Open Mind

Too often, we are so fixated on the task at hand that we never see beyond what’s lying in front of us. A good entrepreneur will keep an open mind to everything they do because chances are that it can be done better, faster, and with a superior outcome.

New stock taking too long to arrive? Take a look all the way back to the initial manufacturing process to see where you can speed things up. Employees not delivering results? Don’t just leave it for the HR department to figure out. Look into the problem and see where things are going wrong.

Always stay open to the idea that whatever it is you’re doing can be improved.

Use The Power Of Modern Technology

Imagine if your business could run itself. Or, at the very least, have entire departments running autonomously? The amount of money, time and effort that you will save seems almost too good to be true. But thanks to modern business software, this is very true indeed.

Almost anything you can think of can now be handled automatically by the computers in your office. Accounting, marketing, statistics, invoicing, emails, organization, collaboration – you name it. With software, you can keep an accurate record of everything that goes on in your business and manage what needs to be done with ease.

Why hire an entire marketing department when you can spend £20 on an SEO service that will boost your website to the top of rankings without you lifting a finger?

Don’t Stop Networking

London is a huge hub where almost every type of business can be found. This makes it the perfect place for a business owner to find trustworthy, like-minded insiders who can provide valuable help and advice when you need it. Having a go-to option for every task that needs to be done can save you a lot of time and money.

An acquaintance at the coffee shop may just turn into the business partner you needed to get to the next stage. A handshake with the local factory owner could save you thousands on manufacturing costs. Use every opportunity you have to connect with others and build new relationships.

Manage Your Time

Few things in life will show you how precious your time is better than running your own business.

If you find yourself running low on time, it’s likely to stem from one of two reasons: Either you’re constantly juggling an unrealistic workload or you’re doing the complete opposite and procrastinating. Whether out of fear or simply not being accustomed to so much work.

Regardless of the situation, it’s important that you value your time and find ways that you can save it on a daily basis. Whether it’s by outsourcing work or utilizing software to handle certain departments, you’ll be left with more time to focus on the things that matter most. This way you can reach your goals sooner and keep customers happy.

Work Efficiently

There are a number of different techniques and methods that you can use to run your business more efficiently. Some may work for you but prove unsuitable for certain employees or partners. Sticking to a time-tested method such as Kanban is a safe bet that’s bound to do wonders for your business.

If you want to learn more about the Kanban technique, check out Kanbanize’s comprehensive description detailing everything you need to know about efficiently managing your workflow.

Put simply, this method works by visualizing your workflow, assessing the results and subsequently being able to make improvements based on the data you’ve recorded. Four simple core principles are all you need to understand. From there, the rest will come naturally and, before you know it, you’ll be working at peak efficiency.

Tap In On Tourists

Anyone who owns a business in London knows that the local tourism industry offers a wealth of potential. No matter what type of business you run, chances are that you can find a way to tap into the tourism market. Tourists are usually more willing to spend money, which can significantly increase your profit per sale.

A store that sells coffee mugs, for example, can open a small pop-up stand in an area where tourists flock. Here that store can sell mugs that tourists would be more interested in buying. A car rental service can offer discounted small cars for budget tourists and a high-end option for those who want to spend their holiday in style.

It’s all a matter of finding out how you can entice tourists with your specific product or service.

Presentation Skills

During your networking time, you’ll probably have to make a few pitches or hold a speech in front of new clients. No entrepreneur found success without knowing how to present themselves and sell their idea. Be sure to touch up your presentation skills if you know you’ll be needing them soon.

If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, then you don’t have to worry about anything more than simply finding the Eskimos. Take some time to watch successful entrepreneurs perform their public speeches and announcements. Channel their passion and dedication and before you know it, you’ll be making more sales than you can keep up with.


If London is your desired business location of choice, you’ve made an excellent decision. The rich market and richer customers will ensure that your hard work and passion will pay off. So, get out there and get to work.

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