Branded corporate woven ties

Keltic Ties is one of the main providers of woven ties in the corporate uniform arena. Providing a diverse range of corporate woven ties in a range of colours that can match our clients corporate colour scheme. We think it is important for employees to have an recognisable corporate uniform so that they have a sense of belonging and loyalty to your business. Custom Ties are well worth the investment as they give a classy smart edge with a mens or women suit.

Why is this important?

Corporate uniforms are a great way to give a sense of value to staff of also to give a sense of trust to customers/clients using the services. By having a branded woven tie customers will instinctively know that they can trust and company loyalty for your brand. By Having a branded corporate woven tie means that your employees are immediately recognisable and this is incredibly important as your brand grows.

Why Custom Ties For Branded Uniforms?

While there are other options of branded uniform the woven ties is one of our biggest selling. Did you know that we can offer a diverse range of colours (as well as having a variety of striped designs as an option) to look smart on your staff! Our woven silk ties & woven cottons ties for men add a touch of luxury to your smart & formal attire.

In our offering you can find the following woven tie styles which are woven in your choice of fabric allowing you to realistically budget for your corporate uniform.

Our full options for custom ties order weaves include:

  • Twill weave
  • Herringbone weave
  • Non-crease weave
  • Polyester weave
  • Silk weave
  • Satin weave
  • Reppe weave

Did you know that woven ties are made by weaving the main choice of material (polyester/silk/etc) to produce different textures. These ties will have your logo or brand signet woven into the fabric rather than embroidered. This means a woven ties gives a flat, premium finish everytime. Why not try our versatile reppe weave – perfect for daily wear and robust enough to last a school uniform! Or if you want something more eye-catching then Satin is for you.

More About Us:

Keltic ties prides itself on being a family business that has covered four generations of weavers. Through our hard work and determination we have ensured that we provide corporations with quality products as well as having a personal service.

Ensuring that our clients are happy with their corporate woven ties is of huge importance to us. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible because sustainability and quality products are at the heart of out ethos.

We strongly believe that as part of the UK clothing market we should use UK based factories and staff to manufacture our woven ties locally. Sustaining a UK based model is really important to us and it means we are on hand to ensure the highest quality woven ties are sent to you within four weeks of your order – without a big carbon footprint.

Our Eco Customer Ties are something truly unique and magical. We can make our Keltic Ties with using yarn that is made from recycled plastic bottles. As part of our sustainability model we think it is really important to look at alternative eco-friendly products and by committing to rescue as many plastic bottles as we can from landfill we are keen to show the commitment and quality of these alternative products. New hand make them in our Lancashire mill which saves on cost and carbon footprint saving the costs of having a middle man and most importantly the environment! 2 bottles equates to yarn for one eco tie and our looms are even solar powered.

The Design Process:

At Keltic Ties we have designers on hand to ensure that you are supported during the design process. We also offer artwork with your designs completely free of charge which means you can be confident that your custom ties will look just how you want. If you are having trouble with what weave you will want for your woven ties our designers will educate you on what will work best for your business and be able to show you samples before you commit to the process.

Want to know more:

We are always happy to talk to customers about their needs. You can contact us by phone or email to talk about your specific corporate uniform needs and what ideas you have in mind for a customer tie. We will help you go through the process smoothly so that you know you are getting a quality service and product. Our support team are on hand to answer your emails on or give us a call on 01922 612 888. With a high google rating and positive reviews you know you won’t regret getting your woven ties from Keltic Ties.

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