Billionaire mogul reveals tech revolution to hit UK in 2019

Billionaire media mogul Alki David has announced that mobile use in the UK will be “revolutionised” in 2019 with huge investment and a mass convergence to live television viewing on handheld devices.

The Coca-Cola bottling heir told the London Economic that upgraded 4G networks alongside alongside record tech investment means that live TV streaming will replace music and podcasts as the dominant trend.

Next year 80% of the world’s entire internet traffic will be video according to Cisco research.

“I’ve invested millions in mobile viewing platform FilmOn for a clear reason – the future is all about live television on our mobile devices.”People are about to enjoy the fruits of years of research and development.

“We have many exciting surprises lined up for 2019.

“What could be better than watching live British telly in HD from anywhere in the country?

“Users will no longer be hamstrung to WiFi networks, they can stream every British channel instantly with just one touch on their mobile screen.”

Alki David has faced a series of high-profile battles with broadcasters around the globe in his bid to offer users free mobile viewing to viewers.

The famous billionaire reveals he is happy with the outcome of the cases and he has now built a harmonious relationship with the major networks.

“I am in a really good place with the networks now, we work well. I had to  overcome hurdles but I’m happy now that there is a more level playing field and I can give Film On users a product that provides incredible programming.

“This platform is clearly the future, we have a head-start of nearly a decade in the business and huge financial investment.”

FilmOn launched in 2009 and now licenses more than 700 channels with 45,000 video-on-demand titles.

The ultra high-tech platform also allows users to create their very own live and VOD channels.

“Expect more live sporting events,” said Alki David.

“Historically we have done celebrity boxing, live world championship fights in partnership with IBO, and various live college sports.

“2019 will be extraordinary – users will be regularly enjoying VR streaming, 360 views and a subscription service for remote screens.

“The UK is set to experience a revolution”

These announcements come on the back of the billionaire’s expanse into medical cannabis, last month it was revealed that his new European hub for luxury brand SwissX will open in Edinburgh in 2019.Stars such as Scott Disick, Donatella Versaceand Snoop Dogg have publicly supported Alki David on his new venture. 

“People should be pleased and excited for the coming year,” said Alki David. 

“Nobody knows how negotiations will unfold with Brexit,but either way we will continue to invest in Britain and make sure that cutting edge mobile technology enables the best advances for industry and for our customers.”

The flamboyant billionaire, who has over a million followers to his award-winning Snap chat channel, also appears as an actor in a number of blockbuster movies that can be streamed on the FilmOnnetwork. 

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